cbElasticsearch 2.3.3 Released

Jon Clausen |  October 03, 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of cbElasticsearch version 2.3.3. cbElasticsearch is the Elasticsearch module for the Coldbox platform, and provides a fluent CFML API for interacting with, searching, and serializing to Elasticsearch servers.

This release adds full compatibility for Elasticsearch v8.x as well as maintaining support for Elasticsearch versions 6 and 7.

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Ortus Will be at Adobe CF Summit 2022!

Maria Jose Herrera |  September 27, 2022

4 of our Ortusians will be speaking at CF Summit this year from Oct 3 - 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are all the details you need to join us and enjoy valuable CFML content to modernize your projects! We are sponsoring the event and will have a booth for you to come by and have a chat with our team!

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Prefetching in CBWIRE

Grant Copley |  September 20, 2022

When I want to increase the perceived speed of my CBWIRE apps, one tool I reach for is prefetching. Prefetching is a built-in feature of Livewire JS that allows you to invoke an Action's results on mouseOver.

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Into the Box 2022 - Conference Recap

Gavin Pickin |  September 16, 2022

This years Into the Box has just wrapped up, but we are already preparing for 2023’s Into the Box, May, Houston Texas! The event was a huge success, we had solid attendance in person, and almost doubled our online viewership from 2021, great feedback from attendees in Houston, and online. So many attendees didn’t say goodbye at the end of the conference, they said see you next year, which, as an organizer lets you know you’ve done things right, and the hard work has paid off.

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No more page refreshing with CBWIRE and Turbo Drive

Grant Copley |  September 12, 2022

Turbo Drive can significantly enhance the user experience of your server-side apps by removing unnecessary page refreshes, and it doesn't take much to implement. Once Turbo Drive is installed, link clicks and form submissions will happen in the background via AJAX. You can use Turbo Drive with or without CBWIRE. If you are using CBWIRE, you can now use a plugin to make CBWIRE and Turbo Drive play together nicely.

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CommandBox 5.6.0 Released!

Brad Wood |  September 03, 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of CommandBox 5.6.0, a minor release of the CFML CLI and package manager.  This release contains 25 completed tickets including bug fixes, some big new features, and library updates!  Please enjoy the new release, and as always, let us know if you have any issues or questions!


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Only 4 days left to join ITB2022 online for just $99!

Maria Jose Herrera |  September 02, 2022

Only 4 days left to join ITB2022 online for just $99! Early Bird online tickets are a great deal for all of those who can’t join on-site, more so with our early bird exclusive discount! click HERE to get your online tickets and join live!

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CBWIRE v2.0 Released

Grant Copley |  August 30, 2022

At Into The Box 2021, I presented CBWIRE v1.0 and was encouraged by the excitement and feedback from the community. I'm even more excited this year to tell you about CBWIRE 2.0 and all of the goodies we've added that you can start using right away.



For ...

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Join Into the Box online for just $99.00!

Maria Jose Herrera |  August 23, 2022

We have exciting news to share! You can join Into the Box Online for just $99.00!! 
Register now at:

With your online ticket you will be able to access pre- conference and sessions and get all the recordings afterwards to rewatch as needed! Time is running out, get your tickets today and enjoy our pre-conference videos taking place from Aug 29th to Sep 2nd! 

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FORGEBOX v7.0 Released

Javier Quintero |  August 22, 2022

We are so happy to announce a major release for our package management system. FORGEBOX 7 is a major update which has a bunch of performance updates, and more activity logs to keep track of all the actions you perform via CommandBox and the ForgeBox UI. We have made a big change to our search engine and introduced Elastic Search as the default search engine which provides better and more accurate results when searching on the site or using our search endpoint.

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