Luis Majano

June 09, 2023

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We are excited to announce the release of ColdBox 6.9.0 LTS, packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. In this version, we focused on enhancing the debugging capabilities, improving the ScheduledTasks module, and fixing an important issue related to RestHandler. Let's dive into the details of these updates.


  1. COLDBOX-1229: Added debug argument to ScheduleExecutor and Scheduler when creating tasks for consistency We have introduced a new debug argument to the ScheduleExecutor and Scheduler when creating tasks. This addition ensures consistency and allows for better debugging of scheduled tasks. Now, developers can easily identify and resolve any issues related to task execution by enabling the debug mode.

  2. COLDBOX-1230: Reorganized ScheduledTasks functions within the CFC into code groups and comments To improve code organization and readability, we have reorganized the functions within the ScheduledTasks CFC. With the introduction of code groups and comments, it is now easier to navigate and understand the functionality provided by the ScheduledTasks module. This enhancement aims to streamline development and maintenance processes.


  1. COLDBOX-1226: Scheduled Tasks Updates In ColdBox 6.9.0, we have made several enhancements to the ScheduledTasks module. While the exact details are not mentioned in the release notes, these updates are aimed at improving the performance, reliability, and overall user experience of the scheduling features. We recommend checking the documentation for a complete list of improvements and leveraging the enhanced capabilities provided by this update.


  1. COLDBOX-1145: RestHandler OnError() Exception not checking for empty exception blocks, causing another exception on development ONLY We have resolved an important issue related to the RestHandler module. In previous versions, an exception was thrown when the OnError() function encountered empty exception blocks. This behavior caused additional exceptions, specifically on development environments. With the fix in place, the RestHandler module now handles empty exception blocks correctly, preventing further exceptions and ensuring smooth execution.

ColdBox 6.9.0 introduces several valuable additions, improvements, and bug fixes. The new debug argument in ScheduleExecutor and Scheduler enhances debugging capabilities for scheduled tasks, while the reorganization of ScheduledTasks functions improves code organization and maintainability. The updates to the ScheduledTasks module offer enhanced performance and reliability, further improving the scheduling capabilities of ColdBox. Lastly, the RestHandler bug fix addresses an issue related to empty exception blocks, ensuring a smoother development experience.

To take advantage of these updates, we encourage you to upgrade to ColdBox 6.9.0. For more details on all the changes, refer to the release notes and documentation. Happy coding!

Updating ColdBox

update coldbox

# If you are using standalone libraries, then update those
update wirebox
update cachebox
update logbox

You can find our what's new document here:

LTS Support

For all ColdBox releases, updates are provided for 12 months and security fixes are provided for 2 years after the next major release.

ColdBox 6.x will receive bug fixes until 2024 and security fixes until 2025.

VersionReleaseUpdatesSecurity Fixes

You can find much more information about this release:

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