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A ColdBox Success Story - Brian Sappery-

Luis Majano
May 23, 2017


Brian Sappery, Applications Architect for, discusses how they leverage the ColdBox Platform and ColdFusion for delivering a high impact and mission critical RESTFul applications, that powers much of their multi-million dollar infrastructure.



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A ColdBox Success Story - Chad Haney - PiepelineSuite

Luis Majano
May 19, 2017


The CTO for pipelinesuite discusses how they leverage the ColdBox Platform for delivering a high impact Software as a Service built in ColdFusion (CFML).


pilelinesuite is a SaaS construction bid management software made fast and easy. Manage subcontractor and project data, bid invitations via email/fax and an online plan room.


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DC CF.Objective() 2017 CommandBox Training Discounts

Luis Majano
May 19, 2017


If you will be attending this year's CF.Objective (Which you should!) on July, then you can attend our ColdFusion CommandBox training (July 18-19) and get a whooping 25%! You can use the discount code cfobjective and be on your way to learn how to evolve your legacy ColdFusion applications by using modern tooling like CommandBox!

You can also follow this link: to purchase your registration.

Course Information

In this training we will review the ins and outs of CommandBox so you can incorporate it as your ColdFusion companion tool. From CLI and operating system integration to ColdFusion engine management and portability with Docker and container strategies. This training series will be led by CommandBox creators Brad Wood and Luis Majano. Whether you are a ColdFusion expert or novice, this bootcamp will challenge you and refresh your skills to be able to modernize your ColdFusion (CFML) applications and servers.

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TestBox v2.5.0 Released!

Luis Majano
May 18, 2017


We are excited to announce the release of TestBox version 2.5.0. To install just do:

box install testbox --savedev

To upgrade your current testbox installation just run the following:

box uninstall testbox && install testbox --savedev

TestBox 2.5.0 is a minor release with some great new functionality and tons of fixes. You can find the release notes here and the major updates for this release. One of the biggest features for TestBox that was not part of TestBox, was the addition of TestBox Watchers to CommandBox.

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Evolve your legacy ColdFusion to CommandBox Microservices - ITB2017 Day 2

Luis Majano
May 09, 2017


Day 2 for the Into The Box conference started with our second keynote focusing on how to evolve legacy ColdFusion (CFML) applications/dinosaurs into modern ColdFusion applications. We discussed all the modern tools created by Ortus in order to facilliate developers to not only evolve your applications but also be able to containerize them into microservices. We then focused on best practices to decompose these wild and unpredictable animals into modular architecture components and even RESTFul services uses common patterns like the strangler application pattern. Our very own Jon Clausen went into depth of all the tools to tame these animals including of course ColdBox MVC as the base for modular development and behavior driven development for increasing code quality and capturing requirement states.

This is the age of the containers, so it is imperative to evolve your applications and apply modern techniques not only for development but also for distribution and portability. We are at the age where you can run ANY ColdFusion CFML application with a single CLI command using our docker containers:

docker run -v "/path/to/your/app:/app" ortussolutions/commandbox

Let's remember our day 1 keynote quote:

In this day and age, every company and let me repeat that, every company is a software company and thus must be agile, present and modern. The tooling is here, use it.

It is imperative to be able to deploy and deploy fast in this day and age. Let's investigate some motivating questions:

  • How long does it take you to go to production?
  • Is it a manual process or an automated process?
  • Do you have zero downtime or do you cross your fingers when you deploy?
  • Do you have a no deploys on Fridays rule?
  • What do you do if your deploy fails?
  • How do you rollback your deploys?

Hopefully this video will inspire you to do more with your legacy animals and hopefully strangle them into submission:

  • Transform - Create parallel CFML applications based on modular ColdBox architectures, RESTFul principles and microservices
  • Coexist - Leave the existing animal alone for a time. Redirect from the existing site to the new infrastructures
  • Eliminate - Remove the old functionalities from the existing procedural apps and re-direct traffic to the new implementations.
  • Rinse and Repeat - Repeat the process until you can finally eliminate the procedural/legacy dinosaur

Enjoy the video recording and remember: ColdFusion (CFML) and its tooling is as modern as any language. It is up to you to implement, share and communicate. Evolve or Die!

Keynote Video

Keynote Slides

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Into The Box 2017 Keynote Day 1 Recap & Recording

Luis Majano
May 02, 2017


The Into The Box conference has now passed and we had a tremendous time sharing with fellow developers in Houston last week. It was our very first standalone conference and it was a success in every which way. We are very excited about all the incredible speakers, attendees and topics we were able to learn from.

In this blog post, you will be able to revive a little of the ambiance and the culture of modern ColdFusion through our Day 1 Keynote. Our focus was to bring attention to the procedural and legacy stigma that has plagued the ColdFusion community for many years. We tackled head on the major problems the ColdFusion community has been dealing with for the past 10 years: legacy, not modern, procedural, no tools, no OS integrations, no jobs, no learning, etc. We demistifyed all these legacy and non-modern concerns and issued a warning to corporations that are still in procedural/legacy hell; Evolve or die!

In this day and age, every company and let me repeat that, every company is a software company and thus must be agile, present and modern. The tooling is here, use it.

We also presented our initiatives to spark modernization and tooling for the ColdFusion community since our first CommandBox release in 2014. We then moved to present our roadmaps for every box product, our containerization strategies, CommandBox and ContentBox docker images and how to evolve legacy/procedural applications.

Let me remind you, that you can run ANY Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee Engine in Docker today!

We ended with a view of the new products and initiatives coming to Ortus from:

  • Ortus University
  • Cross-CFML Engine portability and abstractions
  • CBT = ColdBox Templating Language based on Twig
  • CommandBox Minions and load balancing
  • CommandBox Orchestration and JVM containers
  • Project GRU->C for CommandBox remote orchestration and command executions
  • Much more..

Enjoy the video recording and remember: ColdFusion (CFML) and its tooling is as modern as any language. It is up to you to implement, share and communicate. Evolve or Die!

Keynote Video

Keynote Slides

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Ortus Open Source Projects Celebrate 1000 Pull Requests!

Brad Wood
Nov 29, 2016


1000 Pulls and Counting...

Ortus Solutions maintains a growing number of open source projects that are available to the community for collaboration.  This includes everything from MVC to CLI tools, CMS, modules, and the documentation itself.  We host all our projects on GitHub and encourage the community to contribute in big and small ways.  

We are extremely proud of the CFML Community this week as we have rolled over a giant milestone by closing our 1000th pull request to our open source repositories.  This is a combined number spanning all of our 127 open source repositories including:

Thank You!

This represents many hours of work by the CFML community and we are so proud to be a part.  A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to one of our products no matter how big or small.  The Box suite of libraries is demonstrably the most active in the CF space and we're looking ahead to a great future of community collaboration.  If you're interested in becoming a part of this effort, we'd love to have you on board.  You can read up on how to submit a pull request to one of our projects here.

And finally, if you'd like to see the full list of 1000 pulls, you can click here.  


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Ortus Joins Patreon, Help Sponsor Open Source

Luis Majano
Aug 22, 2016


We are excited to announce we have joined !

Sponsor Us

At Ortus Solutions we are known for building open source projects for the ColdFusion (CFML) community such as ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox Modular CMS, ForgeBox and many more. All of those products are licensed under the Apache 2 license and are completely FREE to use and extend.


However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for all projects is not sustainable without proper financial backing. This is where you can come in and help support Ortus Open Source Software by pledging on Patreon. We have listed a bunch of options for you to sponsor Ortus Open Source Projects with lots of rewards like getting awesome recognition and some great discounts, swag and t-shirts. By pledging as little as $10 a month, you can contribute to this great cause and allow Ortus Open Source to have faster and ongoing development cycles. Pledge more and you can even be part of our product roadmap planning sessions.


If you run a business and are using Ortus Open Source software in a revenue generating product or service, it makes sense to sponsor Ortus Open Source Software development: it ensures the project that your product/services use stays healthy and actively maintained. If you are an individual user and have enjoyed the productivity of our Open Source Software tools, consider donating as a sign of appreciation :).

Sponsor Us

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CBCMS2016 - ContentBox ColdFusion CMS Roadshow 2016 - Links to Recordings, Posts and Closing Remarks

Jorge Reyes
Aug 09, 2016


We definitely had fun sharing the latest features of our new ContentBox 3.0 modular CMS. We hope you boys and girls enjoyed it and are falling even more in love with our Open Source CMS and how it can get your projects done and out the door in not time.

For those of you who want to revisit the content from the Roadshow we have included the link to the webinars, recordings, blog posts and our dedicated ContentBox 3 Roadshow event page. Thanks to all roadshow attendees, presenters, bloggers, ContentBox CMS Open Source Project contributors, and our beloved sponsor Ortus Solutions. Although the roadshow is over, ContentBox 3 has so many great features, we'll be still be releasing blog posts, so keep checking the Ortus Blog for regular content.


Open Source Project

2,602 Commits | 25 Releases | 20 Contributors

You can be part of it!

You can very easily start contributing to ContentBox CMS. Visit our open source project in GitHub and go through our easy-to-follow guidelines. You'll be contributing in no-time. Let's make great software together!


Our event page can be found here:

Webinars Recordings

Blog Posts

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming trainings, conferences and events around the globe.

CF.Objective CommandBox Bootcamp
Washington D.C. | July 18-19

Book Now
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CBCMS2016 - ContentBox ColdFusion CMS Roadshow 2016 - BREAKING NEWS: A Bonus Week for the Roadshow!

Jorge Reyes
Jul 25, 2016


Not One but TWO weeks to go!

2 FREE Live Webinars

July 29th + August 5th 2016 | Friday 11 am Central

Register Today!


Our ContentBox 3.0.0 RoadShow continues with more useful blog posts and 2 FREE Live webinars left to go. Yes, two! Because people have asked for more, we've extended our roadshow one more week i.e. more useful blog posts and one additional FREE Live webinar on August 5th. Enjoy the free training and tips provided by the ContentBox Team.

Upcoming FREE Webinars

ContentBox Modules Deep Dive

Gavin Pickin | July 29th
View Online Recording


ContentBox Themes Deep Dive

Luis Majano | August 5th

Download ContentBox RC

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming trainings, conferences and events around the globe.

CF.Objective CommandBox Bootcamp
Washington D.C. | July 18-19

Book Now

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