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Have you taken the State of the CF Union 2021 survey?

Brad Wood
May 13, 2021


Our friends at TeraTech help put together a comprehensive survey of the entire CFML community to get a feel for how it's evolving, what new technologies are getting picked up, and what the current pain points are.  We use this data at Ortus to help us decide what CF engines to support and how to help the community.

Here's an example question from the survey that tracks the most popular versions of Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee Server:

If you haven't taken the State of the CF Union 2021 Survey yet, please do so and pass it on to all your coworkers and friends who may not be on social media themselves.  The more responses we get, the better data we have.  And make sure you remember to check all the Ortus products you are using while you're taking it!

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How to override a single server rule in CommandBox's new Server Profiles

Brad Wood
Dec 08, 2020


CommandBox 5.2.0 added a new feature called Server Profiles which allow you to dial in a bevy of development or production lockdown rules in a single setting.  Each profile can be tweaked with individual settings to customize them.

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CommandBox, ForgeBox, Adobe ColdFusion 2021, and cfpm

Brad Wood
Nov 13, 2020


Adobe released ColdFusion 2021 this week.  It's a pretty big release with a modularization of the core engine and a nice list of language enhancements.

Here's what you need to know for using it with CommandBox.


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