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Ortus Solutions - Always Learning - Docker Con 2018

Gavin Pickin
Jun 11, 2018


Ortus Solutions prides itself on always learning, and evolving. Whether we learn from our colleagues, clients, community members, or other languages and communities, this all helps Ortus keep pushing forward and innovating. The CFML Community has been asking for Docker information lately, we knew Docker would be very important moving forward, and that is why we made it a priority for Ortus Solutions over the last 2 years. This week Luis and Gavin will be attending Docker Con 2018 in San Francisco ( June 12 - 15, 2018 ) to help further our learning, through great content, and great networking. If you are attending, we'd love to talk to you.

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Into the Box 2018 Schedule Released

Luis Majano
Jan 15, 2018


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2018 - Coldfusion and Java redefined Ortus Solutions' very own conference, Into the Box conference, is returning and is better than ever in 2018. We are hosting a 1 day workshop and then two days of Coldfusion madness. Into The Box 2018 is still held Houston, Texas this April. Wednesday the 25th is our first day in which you can sign up for one of our 4 great workshops, Thursday April 26th and Friday the 27th are 2 full days of back to back conference sessions, with 2 tracks to choose from and over 30 individual sessions. **We are so excited to finally unveil the schedule lineup for our Into The Box conference!**
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CFSUMMIT2017 - 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API

Gavin Pickin
Nov 22, 2017


CF Summit 2017 was a lot of fun, lots of new faces, and good to meet friends, old and new alike. I really enjoyed the ColdBox 2 day training, RESTFul Training Bootcamp. I also enjoyed, Pete Freitag's Hands On CFML Security Workshop. It was fun, and terrifying at the same time. My session on 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API went well, lots of interest, and lots of discussion after the class. I am sharing my slides in this post, as well as a collection of other Video Presentations from previous presentations by myself, and others, which will help build upon the information presented.

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CFSummit2017- CFConfig -- A new way to manage your ColdFusion engine config

Brad Wood
Nov 20, 2017


Here is the slide deck for my talk CFConfig -- A new way to manage your ColdFusion engine config that I presented at Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017.  

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CFSummit2017 - ColdBox Hierarchical MVC - Transform Your Monolith

Luis Majano
Nov 20, 2017


Here are our slides from our ColdBox Hierarchical MVC presentation at this year's Adobe ColdFusion Summit. You can also find the source code for our demo here: or you can install it via CommandBox: box install lmajano/hmvc-presso-demo.

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CFCamp 2017 - ColdBox 5 Hierarchical MVC - Transform Your Monolith

Luis Majano
Oct 31, 2017


Here are the slides from our presentation at CFCamp 2017 Day 2: ColdBox Hierarchical MVC. You can also find the source code for our demo here: or you can use CommandBox to install it: box install lmajano/hmvc-presso-demo

The ColdBox Platform was the first conventions based MVC framework for ColdFusion. It has evolved and become the de-facto standard for building scalable and modern ColdFusion applications. Come learn about hierarchical MVC and modularization to scale your legacy or new applications to a new modern era.

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Ortus Developer Week 2017- Our Schedule is Live Now!

Luis Majano
Oct 20, 2017


<div class="col-md-12">
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	<h1>Ortus Developer Week<br />November 06-10, 2017</h1>
	<h3>5 days, 15 Live Sessions</h3>

	<a class="btn btn-info btn-lg" href="" target="_blank">Register for FREE now!</a>
	<a class="btn btn-info btn-lg" href="/odw">Visit Conference Page!</a>


ODW version 6.0

Ortus Developer Week is taking place for the 6th year in a row! A FREE Training week dedicated to all of you developers that are eager to learn more and update your skills. Register and join 300+ developers taking part of this great event. We have some great speakers and content coming your way, so check out our ODW page for more information, video links, slides, and source code!

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CFCamp 2017 - A Tale of Legacy to Modernization Presentation

Luis Majano
Oct 20, 2017


Here are the slides from our presentation at CFCamp 2017 Day 1: A Tale of Legacy to Modernization.

Evolve or Die! How many times have they told you, You still coding in that?. Come to this session to discover the infamous land of legacy ColdFusion applications, their why and existence motivations. We will then discover how to finally evolve them and take them to the wonderful land of Modern ColdFusion. Come and be inspired to kill the legacy monsters that have haunted you for far too long. We will deliver you once and for all of these inhumane beasts, so you can be proud of writing kick-ass applications with kick-ass tools in ColdFusion. Evolve or Die!

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Call For Speakers Open for Into The Box 2018

Luis Majano
Sep 27, 2017


We are very excited that the Into The Box conference is coming back to the Houston are in April of 2018. Registration is now officially open and call for papers is now open as well. We have great many things planned for this year surrounding our conference mantra of: Modernize Your Skillz

  • Full 2-day conference with over 30 different technology topics
  • An additional full day of hands-on training available for a veritable 3 days of awesome
  • A warm and sunny city of Houston, TX
  • Starting on April 25th - 28th
  • Modernize Your Skillz
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CFObjective 2017 - 3 WAYS TO TEST YOUR COLDFUSION API - Gavin Pickin

Gavin Pickin
Jul 24, 2017


Most projects in CF now involve creating some type of consumable CFC Endpoint or API Service... do you Unit test your API, do you use Integration Tests on your API? How many ways do you test your API? Not all tests are created equal.

We build our CFCs and CF API to be consumed with CF Apps, Mobile Apps, Javascript apps and devices we haven’t even thought about yet. To be smart developers we need to be able to test our CFC endpoints, and the code that uses those endpoints.

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