At Ortus Solutions we build open source projects for the ColdFusion (CFML) community such as ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox, ForgeBox among many other open source products, modules and libraries. All of these are licensed under the Apache 2 license and are completely FREE to use and extend.

Become part of the movement that is modernizing CFML development and support us on Patreon. We have listed a bunch of options for you to sponsor Ortus Open Source Projects. By pledging as little as $10 a month you can contribute to this great cause and allow Ortus Open Source initiative to move through faster and ongoing development cycles.




Sponsoring Organizations

Business and Organizations using Ortus Open Source software and/or seeking to support Open Source initiatives with yearly funding, free software licenses, free and discounted subscriptions, and many other a-la-carte support options.

Sponsoring Individuals

Individuals who benefit from the productivity and capabilities of our Open Source Software tools and believe in our Open Source Initiative.

Andrew  Davis

Gary  Knight

Jan  Jannek

Joseph  Lamoree

Laksma  Tirtohadi

Richard  Herbert

John  Farrar

Carl  Von Stetten

Don  Bellamy

Samuel  Knowlton

David  Belanger

Yogesh  Mathur

Steven  Klotz

Dan  Card

Jeremy Adams

Brian  White

Didier  Lesnicki

Scott  Steinbeck

Jordan  Clark

Matthew  Clemente

Da  Li