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What's New In CommandBox 5 - Undertow Options

Brad Wood
Apr 14, 2020


Learn how to configure the underlying options of the JBoss Undertow web server and servlet container in CommandBox 5.


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Our BoxLife Store Has Come to Life!

Paulina Lainez
Apr 14, 2020


After months of preparation, we are very excited to bring you our BoxLife Store. At Ortus, we are living the #BoxLife. This encompasses taking pride in all things #Box, as well as creating new products that align with our pillars of modernization and innovation. It was then that our designers were tasked with creating designs that would represent what we love and do. 


VSCode CommandBox Extension Released

Luis Majano
Apr 13, 2020


We are so excited to announce the first release of the CommandBox VSCode extension. This extension is thanks to the great work of (Kamasamak) and will integrate CommandBox into VS Code.

You are expected to have CommandBox installed on your system.

Just click on the VS Code extensions tab and search for commandbox, install, refresh, play!

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cbORM v2.5.0 Released!

Luis Majano
Apr 10, 2020


We are so excited to bring you yet another minor release for our cborm project to version 2.5. This is a very exciting release as it brings about automatic RESTFul CRUD for ORM entities based on ColdBox 6 resources.


What's New In CommandBox 5 - Tuning Web Server Max Requests

Brad Wood
Apr 09, 2020


Learn how to tune your web servers' max requests in CommandBox 5.


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Quick v3.0.0 Alpha Released

Eric Peterson
Apr 07, 2020


It's finally here, the first alpha of Quick 3.0.0. Come read about the headline features of this next major release.

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What's New In CommandBox 5 - Lucee Extension Management

Brad Wood
Apr 07, 2020


Learn how you can use CommandBox to manage your Lucee Extensions.


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cbSecurity 2.4 Released

Luis Majano
Apr 02, 2020


We are excited to bring you another release for cbSecurity v2.4. This update gives you access to our cross site request forgery module: cbcsrf, which will enhance your securing abilities.

# Install
install cbsecurity

# Update
update cbsecurity

What's New With 2.4.0

This release adds the inclusion of the Cross Site Request Forgery module into cbsecurity: cbcsrf. You can find all the details about this module here: Below are the major features of this module:


  • Ability to generate security tokens based on your session
  • Automatic token rotation when leveraging cbauth login and logout operations
  • Ability to on-demand rotate all security tokens for specific users
  • Leverages cbStorages to store your tokens in CacheBox, which can be easily distributed and clustered
  • Ability to create multiple tokens via unique reference keys
  • Auto-verification interceptor that will verify all non-GET operations to ensure a security token is passed via rc or headers
  • Auto-sensing of integration testing so the verifier can allow testing calls
  • Token automatic rotation on specific time periods for enhance security
  • Helpers to automatically generate hidden fields for the token
  • Automatic generation endpoint that can be used for Ajax applications to request tokens for users
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ColdBox Cross Site Request Forgery Module v2 released

Luis Majano
Apr 02, 2020


We are incredibly excited to bring you a major version of our cbcsrf module, so you can protect your ColdBox applications from cross-site request forgery vectors. This is a major overhaul of the module and it will also be part of the cbSecurity module as well.


install cbcsrf
update cbcsrf

Please note that if you are upgrading from the 1.x series, make sure you read the documentation as all method signatures have been updated.

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What's New In CommandBox 5 - Git Access Tokens

Brad Wood
Apr 02, 2020


Learn how to use Git personal access tokens or username and password to authenticate to a private Git repo in CommandBox 5.


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