TestBox v5.2 Release - Embracing Performance and Extensibility!

Luis Majano |  July 28, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of TestBox v5.2! This version comes packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to take your testing experience to the next level. TestBox 5.2 enhances the testing framework's performance and introduces powerful new capabilities for dynamic mixins and finally module support.

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Passing the Baton: Lucee 6 and Hibernate ORM

Michael Born |  July 20, 2023

As of Lucee, new Lucee builds will no longer bundle the (Lucee) Hibernate extension. This means that if you rely on Hibernate ORM in your CFML application, you will need to manually bundle the Hibernate extension into your Lucee server. Let's read on for more info.

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Into the Box 2023 - CFCast Series are out!

Maria Jose Herrera |  July 17, 2023

We've exciting news for all our community of modern developers. Our Into the Box 2023 Video recordings are now available on CFCast for you to review for just $250 the full series include 26 videos including Keynote Day 1 and Day 2 that everyone can watch for free.

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Lazy Properties and Property Observers in ColdBox 7

Michael Born |  July 05, 2023

This article will focus on two smaller but still wildly useful new Dependency Injection (DI) features in ColdBox 7: Lazy Properties and Property Observers. With these new DI features, developers have access to speed boosts and automatic locking around object construction with lazy properties, better logging and debugging capabilities (among many other uses) with property observers, and much much more.

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Debugging & Logging with ColdBox

Abilio Posada |  June 30, 2023

Are you tired of using writeDump() every time you encounter issues? Spending more time troubleshooting than developing new features? Dealing with legacy code nightmares? Say goodbye to old-fashioned troubleshooting methods! Introducing cbDebugger & LogBox, powerful tools to simplify your ColdBox app debugging process. And guess what? They are open-source and free!

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Configurations Outside the Coldbox CFC with ColdBox 7

Esme Acevedo |  June 27, 2023

ColdBox 7 brings us many great new features, but let’s not overlook a simple one that improves the organization of our ColdBox application's moduleSettings.

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Delegates - The Lightning of (Coldbox 7) Empowerment

Jon Clausen |  June 27, 2023

One of the the most significant new features in Coldbox v7 and Wirebox v7, delegates, is arguably a new language feature rather than a framework feature. Despite the implementation not being native with either Lucee or Adobe engines, the functionality provided using delegates is both long overdue and likely to change the way you program - and, especially, the way you approach inheritance and code reusability.

Delegates are game-changers for anyone using Wirebox, in the way you approach code reusability and inheritance.

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Async Your Future with ColdBox 7

Maria Jose Herrera |  June 20, 2023

Async Your Future

Applications are only sometimes lightweight. There can often be large datasets and complex operations that need to run. To help remedy this, you can tap into the JDK using ColdBox's AsyncManager to bring pipelines, futures, and other tools to help com...

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ColdBox Application Templates

Grant Copley |  June 19, 2023

ColdBox 7 dropped just over a month ago, and as part of those updates, the ColdBox Application Templates have also been updated. If you didn't know already, there are a handful of application templates that you can use to get up and running with ColdBox quickly.

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Hyper Updates - June 2023

Eric Peterson |  June 16, 2023

There's been lots of updates to Hyper this month. Let's dive in to the changes.

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