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Ortus Open Source Projects Celebrate 1000 Pull Requests!

Brad Wood
Nov 29, 2016


1000 Pulls and Counting...

Ortus Solutions maintains a growing number of open source projects that are available to the community for collaboration.  This includes everything from MVC to CLI tools, CMS, modules, and the documentation itself.  We host all our projects on GitHub and encourage the community to contribute in big and small ways.  

We are extremely proud of the CFML Community this week as we have rolled over a giant milestone by closing our 1000th pull request to our open source repositories.  This is a combined number spanning all of our 127 open source repositories including:

Thank You!

This represents many hours of work by the CFML community and we are so proud to be a part.  A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to one of our products no matter how big or small.  The Box suite of libraries is demonstrably the most active in the CF space and we're looking ahead to a great future of community collaboration.  If you're interested in becoming a part of this effort, we'd love to have you on board.  You can read up on how to submit a pull request to one of our projects here.

And finally, if you'd like to see the full list of 1000 pulls, you can click here.  


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TestBox v2.4.0 Released!

Luis Majano
Nov 18, 2016


What's New With 2.4.0

TestBox 2.4.0 is a minor release with some great new functionality and tons of fixes. This release has been a great community effort as many people in the community contributed to its release. Special thanks to Eric Peterson, Joe Gooch and Sean Corfield for their additions, testing and contributions.

New toSatisfy matcher

This new matcher is thanks to Sean Corfield. It allows you to create your own closure that will evaluate the expectation and then decide if it passes the given truth test.

it( "can satisfy truth tests", function(){

    expect( 1 ).toSatisfy( function( num ){ return arguments.num > 0; } );

    expect( 0 ).notToSatisfy( function( num ){ return arguments.num > 0; } );


New expectAll() collection expectation

Sean was busy in this release and provided us with this awesome feature in which you can call on a new expectAll() and pass either an array or struct. TestBox will then iterate for you and call all the chained matchers upon the collection items.

it( "can test a collection", function(){
    expectAll( [2,4,6,8] ).toSatisfy( function(x){ return 0 == x%2; });
    expectAll( {a:2,b:4,c:6} ).toSatisfy( function(x){ return 0 == x%2; });

    // and we can chain matchers
    expectAll( [2,4,6,8] )
        .toBeGTE( 2 )
        .toBeLTE( 8 );

New mintext Reporter

This new reporter is to enhance console based runners in order for the report to be more legible.

New JSON Matchers & Assertions

You can now use a toBeJSON() matcher or a $assert.isJSON assertion.

No more runRemote

You no longer need to pass ?method=runRemote in the URL when executing a test bundle via the URL. This will automatically be added for you.

New Fluent API for Testing Declarations

Thanks to Joe Gooch you can now use the new methods in the TestBox cfc

  • addDirectory()
  • addDirectories()
  • addBundles()

You can chain them as you see fit and they will aggregate the specs collected.

Release Notes

Here is the full release notes for this release


  • [TESTBOX-169] - discover if fail origin exists in errors and failures, else ignore as it causes issues
  • [TESTBOX-170] - Custom reporter passed as CFC instance doesn't work

New Features

  • [TESTBOX-171] - New mintext reporter
  • [TESTBOX-172] - new matcher toBeJSON and new assertion isJSON
  • [TESTBOX-175] - No need to pass method=runRemote anymore on spec runners, defaults now
  • [TESTBOX-176] - Implements fluent API - addDirectory,addBundles,addDirectories on TestBox Core


  • [TESTBOX-168] - runRemote operations are not setting the default response to HTML, so wddx takes over
  • [TESTBOX-173] - Add toSatisfy( predicate ) matcher
  • [TESTBOX-174] - Add expectAll() to make it easier to work with collections

CommandBox 3.4.0 Released

Brad Wood
Nov 16, 2016


We are pleased to announce the general availability of CommandBox 3.4.0.  This is a minor release of the CLI tool aimed at fixing bugs and introducing a number of small improvements and polish to the tool

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Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Our Schedule is Live Now!

Jorge Reyes
Nov 01, 2016


Ortus Developer Week
November 14-18, 2016

5 days, 20 Live Sessions


Register for Free now!

ODW version 5.0

Ortus Developer Week is taking place for the 5th year in a row! A FREE Training week dedicated to all of you developers that are eager to learn more and update your skills. Register and join 300+ developers taking part of this great event.

Our Schedule is Now Live!

  1. Going Static
  2. Modelling, Documenting and Building RESTful Services
  3. Meet the Box Family
  4. Scaling the Backend Data Tier without Application changes
  5. Code Coverage for ColdFusion (CFML)
  6. Testing Automation
  7. Integrated: A TestBox package for even better Integration test in ColdBox
  8. Conquer the UI with Vue.js and ColdBox
  9. Distributed CFML servers with messaging (RabbitMQ)
  10. RESTful APIs using *Box Products
  11. ColdBox Elixir Deep Dive
  12. Market Automation for ColdBox / ContentBox Developers
  13. CommandBox Deep Dive
  14. ContentBox CMS Deep Dive
  15. Scalable Realtime Microservices with Kubernetes and gRPC
  16. Accelerating Your Web Applications with NGNIX
  17. Realtime Web Sockets
  18. CFCouchbase 2.0 + N1QL
  19. Even More HTML5
  20. Three (3) Things You Should Know When Deploying Apps in AWS
Check out Speakers & Sessions Here!

Dyno Might: Deploying CFML Applications to Heroku using CommandBox

Jon Clausen
Oct 26, 2016


With the rise of PaaS options, cloud-based and self-hosted, it's never been easier to rapidly deploy and scale apps. CommandBox now gives you a way to deploy CFML applications, using your choice of CFML engines, to the PaaS platforms Heroku and Dokku with our new Heroku Buildpack for Commandbox.


ColdBox 4.3.0 Released

Luis Majano
Oct 19, 2016


We are pleased to announce the general availability of ColdBox 4.3.0, WireBox 4.3.0, CacheBox 4.3.0 and LogBox 4.3.0. This is a minor release with some great improvements and lots of bug fixes. So let's look at the major things in this release.

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CommandBox 3.3.0 Released - server enhancements and bug fixes.

Brad Wood
Oct 09, 2016


We are pleased to announce a minor release of our CommandBox CLI, server, and package manager tool today. Version 3.3.0 of CommandBox is our second minor release since we added support for starting Adobe ColdFusion engines, Railo, and Lucee 5 web servers.  This release has 46 tickets that focus on cleaning up more rough edges around the server implementation, adding features, and of course, fixing bugs.  A big thanks to Denny Valiant and his work on Runwar, which is the library that makes CommandBox's severs work.

Download it

You can download the latest binary from our CommandBox product home page:

CommandBox Download

We've also updated our CommandBox documentation book to cover all these new features which can be found here:

CommandBox GitBook Documentation

Remember, you can send pull requests via Github for any typos or missing content you find in our GitBooks!  

The Command API Docs also show the latest commands and usage too:

CommandBox Command API Documentation

What's New?

Let's take a quick peek at the major new features in CommandBox 3.3

Server Enhancements

The embedded CommandBox server have seen a number of nice enhancements to make it easier for you to use CommandBox for super easy local development.

Fusion Reactor Module

The more people begin to use CommandBox for local development, the more interested they became in being able to run FusionReactor on their dev servers to help trouble shoot their code.  That's why we created a CommandBox FusionReactor module.  It's not part of the core, but can be installed in a single command and will attach FusionReactor's server monitor to every server you start.  You'll need to have a FusionReactor license or sign up for a trial to use it.

install commandbox-fusionreactor
fr register "your FR license key"
server start
fr open

Web Aliases

CommandBox allows you to create web aliases for the web server that are similar to virtual directories. The alias path is relative to the web root, but can point to any folder on the hard drive. Aliases can be used for static or CFM files.  To configure aliases for your server, create an object under web called alises. The keys are the web-accessible virtual paths and the corresponding values are the relative or absolute path to the folder the alias points to.

Here's what your server.json might look like.

  "web" : {
    "aliases" : {
      "/foo" : "../bar",
      "/js" : "C:\static\shared\javascript"

Here's how to create aliases from the server set command:

server set web.aliases./foo = bar

Custom Error Pages

You can customize the error page that CommandBox servers return. You can have a setting for each status code including a default error page to be used if no other setting applies.
Create an errorPages object inside the web object in your server.json where each key is the status code integer or the word default and the value is a relative (to the web root) path to be loaded for that status code.
This is what you server.json might look like:

  "web" : {
    "errorPages" : {
      "404" : "/path/to/404.html",
      "500" : "/path/to/500.html",
      "default" : "/path/to/default.html"

You can set error pages via the server set command like this:

server set web.aliases.404=/missing.htm

Custom tray menu items

You can customize these tray menus and add your own option for your convenience.  To add a menu contribution to an individual server, add the following to your server.json:

      "url":"http://${Setting: not found}:${Setting: runwar.port not found}/foobar.cfm",

Tray menu makeover

We've updated to a new library that creates the tray icon for your running servers and the menu that appears when you right click.  In addition to better support for some Linux distros, we've added some nice new icons to the menus.

Pre/Post package scripts

Before any package script is run, CommandBox will look for another package script with the same name, but prefixed with pre. After any package script is run, CommandBox will look for another package script with the same name, but prefixed with Post. So if you have a package that contains 3 package scripts: foo, preFoo, and postFoo, they will run in this order.

  1. preFoo
  2. foo
  3. postFoo

This works for built-in package script names as well as as doc package scripts. It also works on any level. In the example above, if you created a 4th package script called prePreFoo, it would run prior to preFoo.

Better ForgeBox Login management

If you use more than one ForgeBox login, perhaps a personal one and a company one, it can be a pain to keep logging in.  It's also hard to remember the last user you logged in with.  We've introduced two new commands to help with this.  Run this to tell you who you are logged in as:

forgebox whoami

Run this to switch between users that you've previously logged in with:

forgebox use myUser

onRelease interceptor/package script

We've added a new "onRelease" interceptor and package script to help with the workflow of publishing packages.  Here's a run down of the three key points when bumping a package version.

  • preVersion - Announced before the new version is set using the bump command
  • postVersion - Announced after the new version using the bump command but before the Git repo is tagged.
  • onRelease - Announced after a new version is set using the bump command and after the Git repo is tagged.

Here is a typical package script work flow for working with a package that's hosted on GitHub and published to ForgeBox:

  "preVersion":"testbox run",
  "postVersion":"package set location='gituser/repov#`package version`'",
  "postPublish":"!git push --follow-tags"

Then when you want to publish a new version of your package, commit your changes to Git and run the following commands:

bump --minor

Those two commands, in combination with your package scripts, would accomplish the following:

  1. Run the package's test suite (a failure will abort the process)
  2. Increase the minor version of the page
  3. Tag the Git repo
  4. Change the package's location property in box.json to point to the new tag
  5. Commit the tag and new box.json
  6. Publish the package to ForgeBox
  7. Push the new box.json and Git tag

onInstall interceptor/package script

Announced while a package is being installed, after the package endpoint and installation directory has been resolved but before the actual installation occurs. This allows you to override things like the installation directory based on package type. Any values updated in the interceptData struct will override what the install command uses.

CLI Engine Update

The Lucee version that the CLI runs on has been updated to be which is also now the default engine to be used when you use the "server start" command and don't specify a cfengine.  If you still want to start a web server on Lucee, then simply to this:

start cfengine=lucee@4.5.2+018

Release Notes

There are tons of little bug fixes in this version that you can view in our release notes.  


  • [COMMANDBOX-187] - error when updating forgebox when slugname changes
  • [COMMANDBOX-422] - Empty command CFCs with no functions throw an error starting box
  • [COMMANDBOX-423] - Error "key [FUNCTIONS] doesn't exist" thrown when trying to start command box
  • [COMMANDBOX-426] - server name completion errors on server open command
  • [COMMANDBOX-434] - Document the resolvePath() differing behaviour on OSX vs Windows
  • [COMMANDBOX-435] - artifacts clean fails on OSX when there's .DS_Store files
  • [COMMANDBOX-437] - appSkeleton in the coldbox create app wizard needs to comply to IDs instead of local disk
  • [COMMANDBOX-449] - "server open" always opens localhost
  • [COMMANDBOX-451] - The trayicon in server.json does not work with relative paths
  • [COMMANDBOX-464] - update command doesn't respect original install path
  • [COMMANDBOX-465] - custom url rewrite location doesn't respect starting server by name in different location
  • [COMMANDBOX-466] - coldbox create crud doesn't work on Windows

New Feature

  • [COMMANDBOX-316] - Add Fusion Reactor support for server
  • [COMMANDBOX-399] - Starting server in web root with WEB-INF treats CWD as war
  • [COMMANDBOX-416] - Add "open" flag to touch/new command.
  • [COMMANDBOX-430] - forgebox whoami command to show what user your API key is set to
  • [COMMANDBOX-431] - Update the storage of the APIkey in the commandbox settings to include multiple keys
  • [COMMANDBOX-432] - Have a forgebox use {username} command to switch the current api key
  • [COMMANDBOX-445] - Allow aliases (virtual directory) in web server
  • [COMMANDBOX-458] - Provide custom 40x and 50x error pages for servers


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New Adobe and Lucee CF Engines available for CommandBox

Brad Wood
Sep 29, 2016


We've updated to have updated CF Engines for Adobe ColdFusion as well as Lucee Server to include some recent security fixes from each as well as some new yet-to-be-released Lucee features.

Here are the new Adobe ColdFusion versions:

  • ColdFusion 11 Update 21 (10.0.21+300068)
  • ColdFusion 11 Update 10 (11.0.10+300066)

Here are the new Lucee Server versions

  • Lucee 4.5 Stable (4.5.3+020)
  • Lucee 5.0 Stable (5.0.0+254)
  • Lucee 5.0 Snapshot (5.0.1-snapshot+067)
  • Lucee 5.1 Beta 2 (5.1.0-beta.2+031)
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Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Hey you developer, What do you want to learn?

Jorge Reyes
Aug 24, 2016


Ortus Developer Week
November 14-18, 2016

5 days, 20 Live Sessions

A FREE Training Extravaganza


ODW version 5.0

Ortus Developer Week is taking place for the 5th year in a row! A FREE Training week dedicated to all of you developers that are eager to learn more and update your skills. Register and join 300+ developers taking part of this great event.



What do you wish to learn?

The FREE training is meant for you. So we invite you to suggest the topics you would like to learn more of! Rules are simple:
  • Suggest as many topics as you like.
  • Topics must be about web development technologies, ideas and processes.
  • ColdFusion CFML is the server-side language of choice
  • We'll choose topics based on relevance and popularity, and of course, speakers availability.
We encourage you not to miss this opportunity to propose your own schedule



Be a Speaker!

There are only a few things more gratifying than to contribute to the learning of others. Join the Ortus Team in this great opportunity and register as a speaker. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



Ortus Joins Patreon, Help Sponsor Open Source

Luis Majano
Aug 22, 2016


We are excited to announce we have joined !

Sponsor Us

At Ortus Solutions we are known for building open source projects for the ColdFusion (CFML) community such as ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox Modular CMS, ForgeBox and many more. All of those products are licensed under the Apache 2 license and are completely FREE to use and extend.


However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for all projects is not sustainable without proper financial backing. This is where you can come in and help support Ortus Open Source Software by pledging on Patreon. We have listed a bunch of options for you to sponsor Ortus Open Source Projects with lots of rewards like getting awesome recognition and some great discounts, swag and t-shirts. By pledging as little as $10 a month, you can contribute to this great cause and allow Ortus Open Source to have faster and ongoing development cycles. Pledge more and you can even be part of our product roadmap planning sessions.


If you run a business and are using Ortus Open Source software in a revenue generating product or service, it makes sense to sponsor Ortus Open Source Software development: it ensures the project that your product/services use stays healthy and actively maintained. If you are an individual user and have enjoyed the productivity of our Open Source Software tools, consider donating as a sign of appreciation :).

Sponsor Us

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