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Need your input for a Ortus+ContentBox Conference

Luis Majano
Nov 25, 2013


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Need your input for an Ortus+Box Conference

Luis Majano
Nov 25, 2013


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Ortus ContentBox VPS Hosting

Luis Majano
Nov 05, 2013


We are excited to announce another hosting provider for ContentBox Modular CMS: Kickass VPS.  We have partnered with them to not only bring you ContentBox Hosting but the VPS offering are certified by us and they are also built and tuned according to our production servers.  You can find them in 3 distinct flavors and you can even purchase them with Ortus Support hours.  So for only $30 bucks a month you can have your very own ContentBox Virtual Private server! 


You can read more about the release and plans in our ContentBox Blog:

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ContentBox VPS Hosting Has Arrived

Luis Majano
Nov 05, 2013


We are so excited to announce our partnership with KickassVPS to bring you some great hosting offerings for ContentBox Modular CMS. These VPS offerings are certified servers by Ortus Solutions, built to our standards and tuned as well. Enjoy!

KickAssVPS logo

KickAssVPS offers ContentBox virtual private servers for all of your needs and budget sizes. These VPS servers come with the latest version of ContentBox pre-configured and certified by Ortus.  Some you can even purchase with Ortus Professional Support. Check out the plans:

$29.99 USD monthly
$49.99 USD monthly
$79.99 USD monthly
RAM 1024MB 2048MB 4096MB
Disc 10GB 25GB 50GB
Cores 1 CPU 2 CPU 4 CPU
Data Transfer 50GB 100GB 200GB
Ubuntu OS w/full Root Access checkmark checkmark checkmark
FREE Plesk 11 Control Panel checkmark checkmark checkmark
FREE Nightly Backups checkmark checkmark checkmark
30 Day Money Back Guarantee checkmark checkmark checkmark
1hr FREE Ortus Installation Support
- Open Google Group
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Webinar: Scaling CFML Applications with Couchbase NoSQL Server

Luis Majano
Oct 30, 2013


We are very excited to partner up with the great folks at Couchbase to bring you an awesome webinar on November 19th, 2013.  Myself, Brad and Tug will be presenting on the amazing features of the Couchbase NoSQL server and how it can be leveraged for scalability with CFML applications.  Here is a synopsis of the webinar:

Scaling ColdFusion (CFML) Applications with Couchbase NoSQL Server


In modern applications, scalability is one of the most important keys to success.  High availability requires distributed systems that can scale with load and data size.  Couchbase has been recognized to be one of the fastest and easiest to scale NoSQL databases. Ortus Solutions has developed plugins for CFML applications (powered by ColdFusion and/or Railo) and Couchbase to bring this power to your CFML applications.  

Many modern applications are using NoSQL document stores for rapid development and flexible data models.  Many data needs can be satisfied by storing JSON documents that allow for on-the-fly modifications.  You can index JSON documents of any structure using map reduce functions, and execute queries against them.  Couchbase will bring both scalability, flexible data models and much more to your CFML applications.

In this webinar you'll see:

  • Overview of Couchbase Server and NoSQL Document store
  • Overview of ColdFusion (CFML) Applications
  • Distribute Java EE sessions with Couchbase Railo Extension
  • Leverage NoSQL JSON Document store from CFML
  • Leverage Couchbase as a distributed cache from any CFML application.



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TestBox - CFML BDD/Unit Testing Framework Has Arrived!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2013


We are so pleased to bring you another addition to our Ortus product lineup: TestBox.  TestBox is a next generation testing framework for ColdFusion that is based on BDD (Behavior Driven Development) for providing a clean obvious syntax for writing tests. It contains not only a testing framework, runner, assertions and expectations library but also integrates with MockBox, our  mocking and stubbing library. It also supports xUnit style of testing and MXUnit compatibilities.  TestBox has been released as a 1.0.0 Alpha and can be downloaded from our main downloads page and it has been also integrated into the "development" branch for the ColdBox platform as well.  You can read much more detail about the release from our engineering blog.

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Coldbox CBDW2013 Online Training is Available!

Luis Majano
Oct 02, 2013


We are very excited to announce our second online course available for both ColdBox and ContenBox Modular CMS thanks to our annual conference CBDW2013:  This course covers over 50 lectures and over 30 hours of video content.  This is definitely an ultimate training tool for you or your organization and it definitely helps us pay the bills :)

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ContentBox at CFCamp 2013 in Munich

Luis Majano
Oct 01, 2013


We are excited to be part of CFCamp 2013 this year where we will be presenting about ContentBox of course! 

CFCamp is really an amazing conference with an amazing atmosphere.  I have been really excited to participate in the conference for more than 3 years now and it is one of my favorites!  I will have over 26 different sessions, amazing speakers and of course it is hosted in one of my favorite cities in the world, Munich!

Here is a little motivator, use the discount code "CFCoBox" and get an extra 10% off the ticket price.  So stop by our booth and come and say hi, you might just get some fancy shwag if you do!

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