Ortus Developer Week (ODW)
November 14-18, 2016

A Training Extravaganza Coming to Your Desktop or Mobile or iPad or Android or Whatever!

ODW is a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, and usage of any of our open source and commercial products.

Come and join us for over 20 hours worth of FREE and live training. If you can't make it to all sessions, then don't worry, we will record all sessions and they will be available here in the appropriate session page. So get your thinking caps on and get ready for a tremendous BOX geek-out week!

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Computer Know How
Aaron Benton
Brad Wood
Eric Peterson
Erik Brandsberg
Evagoras Charalambus
Gavin Pickin
Giancarlo Gomez
John Farrar
Jon Clausen
Kevin Jones
Luis Majano
Mark Mandel
Nolan Erck
Raymond Camden
Scott Steinbeck

Bonus Session

Nov 18, 2016 — 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Central

Alex Muramoto

Ionic 2: More Framework, More Hybrid, More Better

Ionic is one of the most popular frameworks for building hybrid mobile apps using standard web technologies. Plus it’s built with Angular2, it’s open source, and it’s awesome. In this talk, we’ll take a look at new features in Ionic 2 that will help you create hybrid apps that look, feel and perform like native.