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Ortus Railo CloudVPS Servers Have Arrived!

Luis Majano
Aug 29, 2014


We are excited today to announce the general availability of our Railo CloudVPS servers.  We have partnered with KickassVPS to bring about an offering of three great Railo CloudVPS pre-configured packages.  These CloudVPS offerings come fully loaded with features from the latest Railo 4.2 pre-configured and tuned, SSD drives, Railo Plesk+Apache+NginX integration, CommandBox CLI, instant scaling, automatic backups, MySQL, Email server and so much more.

Railo Pre-Configured

Your CloudVPS server already has Railo+Tomcat installed with the right JVM tuning according to the plan you select.  It also has the right connectors in place with Apache and NginX so you can just create websites via the Plesk panels and your sites will automatically be configured for you with Railo CFML capabilities.

Cloud-Based VPS Server

Your Railo CloudVPS Server server is cloud-based, meaning it has full redundancy, instant scaling ability, and high-performance for the most demanding Railo applications.

Cloud-Based VDS Hosting Management

Enjoy all the Cloud features on your VDS server, including instant scaling, hardware migrations, offline management, server reboots, resource usage and monitoring, backups, and reinstalls.

FREE Parallels Plesk Control Panel

Not a Server Admin? No worries, our CloudVPS servers also come with optional Parallels Plesk 11 for browser-based Server Administration.


Get Your VPS Today

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ContentBox at the North Virginia User Group (August 13)

Luis Majano
Aug 01, 2014


This August 13th at 7PM Luis Majano, creator of ContentBox, will be presenting the newest version of our CMS at the North Virginia ColdFusion User Group. So if you are in the Washington, DC and/or Virginia vicinity, please drop on by.  Luis will be reviewing all the new features of ContentBox and the upcoming roadmap of this Modular CMS.  For much more information and your RSVP, please go to: See you there!

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How To Create A JIRA Account And Enter ColdBox Tickets

Brad Wood
Jun 27, 2014


After using the ColdBox MVC Platform or any of the Box libraries you might think of an enhancement or new feature you'd like to see.  Or perhaps you found an issue, and after posting it to our Google Group, we asked you to put in a ticket.  Well, today is you day because here is a step by step guide for getting set up in our bug tracker so you can enter tickets, as well as comment, vote, or watch other people's tickets.  Out open source libraries are developed out in the open for full transparency and to encourage the public to join in and be part of the exciting process.

Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian has created a number of development workflow tools like BitBucket, SourceTree, and Bamboo.  JIRA (pronounced Jeer-ah) is their popular system for bug tracking and does lots of cool stuff with agile plugins. The URL for the Ortus JIRA bug tracker is (We'll wait while you bookmark it):

When you first visit, you'll see something like this. From a non-logged in state you can still view tickets and read comments but you can't create tickets or interact with existing ones.  Start by hitting the green "Log In" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Not logged in (click to enlarge)

On the log in form, click the "Create an account" link on the right hand column under the username and password fields.  Don't be tempted to use the "Log in using Google" option.  That only works if your E-mail address ends in!

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Project CommandBox (Gideon): The CFML CLI, Package Manager and REPL

Brad Wood
May 16, 2014


So at Into The Box this week we unveiled our latest here at Ortus that we've been calling project Gideon.  I'll note now that I'm blogging this to the Ortus blog because this is not beholden to the ColdBox MVC platform, but a new general tool we hope to help color the CFML developer's toolbox with.  Of course, even though this is a general tool aimed at the CFML community, you can bet your bippy we're cooking up some sweet Box love for our existing libraries.


CommandBox is a standalone, native tool that will have binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) for developer productivity, tool interaction, package management, embedded CFML server, application scaffolding, and some sweet ASCII art.  We are working on a number of command namespaces to easily interact with TestBox, ForgeBox, ContentBox, CacheBox, etc.  Built-in help is completely integrated for every command.  You can pop open a CommandBox shell in your terminal window and manually type commands, or even automate things externally via the CommandBox binary with your OS's native shell.  

Package Management

So one of the biggest things we think the CFML community is missing is a true package management platform.  With this in mind, we are going to be reworking ForgeBox this year and opening it up to the entire community.  We have created a spec for a box.json file which will go in the root of CFML packages to describe metadata about the package, how it should be installed, and dependencies that the package requires to run.  Hand in hand with this move, is the complete modularization of the ColdBox platform.  75% of its code has been stripped from the core, and moved into modules on ForgeBox.  CommandBox is getting a tight integration with the ForgeBox REST API to search, view, and install packages/modules directly into your app from the command line.  We want the community to follow in this manner, and if they aren't writing modules for ColdBox (which are getting some sweet new features in ColdBox 4) at least start writing package-able CF code that can be distributed in a consistent and scriptable manner.

Application Scaffolding

CommandBox will have tons of command for quickly building out applications.  Create a new ColdBox app with "coldbox create app", add a handler with "coldbox create handler".  You can even get actions added to it, views created, and BDD integration tests stubbed out at the same time.  This can bring new productivity for people who like to live on the command line and especially for those who want to be able to automate stuff they do a lot of.

Embedded Server

One of the cool things CommandBox brings to the table is the ability to spin up an ad hoc, lightweight, CFML server in any directory from the command line.  Simply change your working directory to the root of your app, type "start" and a super fast Railo server spins up on a new port running your code.  When you're done type "stop" from that directory or use the little icon that's showed up in your system tray.

Whiz Bang Cool

So one of the most interesting things about this entire project is that the actual commands are written in CFML itself!  CommandBox is small, lightweight, integrated at the operating system level, but actually running on CFML at the same time.  This means you will eventually be able to extend it with your own commands that do cool stuff for a different framework, or automate repetitive tasks you're tired of doing every day.  All the code for CommandBox is open source and already available on GitHub.  Tonight I did an informal demo of CommandBox to a BOF here at cf.Objective().  I recorded it on Connect.  I start out talking a bit about ColdBox 4 and ForgeBox, but just stick with me-- I'm laying the groundwork to help paint the bigger picture we're trying to achieve here at Ortus.  We're really trying to push the CFML world forward with tools no one else is making that fall into a bigger picture of productivity, automation, and modular applications.  We hope to have an alpha out in the next week or so to play with and provide your feedback.  Watch the 20 minute recording below and then fire off your thoughts in the comments.

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ColdBox Platform Utilities v4.0.0 with TestBox Support Released

Luis Majano
Mar 28, 2014


We are so proud to announce another update to our Adobe ColdFusion Builder exension: ColdBox Platform Utilities v4.0.  This update has tons of cool updates and fixes:

Bugs Squashed


New Features

So either download the extension and install it or if you have it installed, just click "ColdBox Platform > Check For Extension Updates..." and perform our sweet auto update!  Here are a few screenshots of some new functionality:

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TestBox BDD Video + Slides at NVCFUG

Luis Majano
Mar 01, 2014


Here is the video and slides from our presentation at the NVCFUG last month on TestBox xUnit and Behavior Driven Development (BDD)



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ContentBox Evangelist: Joel Watson

Luis Majano
Feb 12, 2014


Today, I am excited to announce that Joel Watson will be our ContentBox Evangelist.  Joel has been contributing to not only ContentBox but ColdBox for many years and his enthusiasm for the projects and great ideas have really made an impression on the software that we all use today.  With that and many other collaborations, Joel has agreed to be even closer to this project and bring forth even more ideas for the future.  We are excited he is participating and on-board this great adventure.


Joel grew up in the oh-so-populous state of Wyoming (yes, it is a real state). After surviving harsh winters, incessant wind, and rabid antelope, he went on to major in Theological Studies at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and later received his M.A from Asbury Theological Seminary. Lacking the stomach for a life in academia, he decided one day to “do websites”, and thus began his foray into the world of web development. Today he lives in the Kansas City area with his wife and two daughters where he spends his waking moments coding, playing guitar (badly) and watching Doctor Who, cheesy sci-fi and anime.

Life in Web Development

After receiving his first job as a web designer, Joel was introduced to ColdFusion MX7 and fell in love with the fact that he no longer had to use a Lorem Ipsum generator to fill in his designs with data. He dove into ColdFusion with a fury, and has never looked back.

Beyond ColdFusion development, Joel is also very active in the Sencha Ext JS community. In addition to regular entries on his blog and his trolling of Stack Overflow, Joel has also had the privilege of being a technical reviewer on two recent publications relating to application development for Ext JS 4.

History In the *Box

While he meddled with a few frameworks over the years, Joel first experienced ColdBox as a result of on-the-job training which occurred his second week on the job at his current employer. The depth of functionality and especially the built-in ORM services won him over, and since then Joel has been an active contributor to the framework.

Joel’s first experience with ContentBox came as a result of a development contest. During the process of developing his entry, Joel really fell in love with the platform and has since been very active in contributing code and support to ContentBox.

The Future of ContentBox

The future of content management is a move away from enabling content authors to mimic Word, as well as an expansion beyond the boundaries of “pages” on a website. The future, rather, is an embrace of content of all sizes and shapes and configurations, as well as a realization that this content will be published in myriad ways--from websites, to mobile devices, and even to smart well as whatever new medium is born tomorrow.

Joel wants to see ContentBox meet this challenge proactively and innovatively. With its strong foundation already in place, Joel sees opportunities for ContentBox growing beyond the boundaries of the “typical” CMS, evolving into a platform capable of serving up content for the simplest blog to highly complex mobile apps. He wants to help ContentBox open up to provide richer APIs for developers to create amazing applications for all platforms and devices, while also expanding the existing toolset to provide even more powerful ways to create and publish content. Joel also sees great potential for ContentBox as a powerful addition within the enterprise, and is looking forward to working on development and support for enhancements such as workflows, collaboration tools, synchronization options, and much more. Needless to say Joel is excited to get started and can’t wait to see what the coming year holds in store for ContentBox!


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Into The Box 2014 Registration is Live!

Luis Majano
Jan 21, 2014


Just in case you have not heard, the site for Into The Box 2014 is now live and ready for your order!  Into The Box is a 1-day, 2-track event with speakers from around the world presenting on topics surrounding the Ortus Solutions product stack, CFML and web technologies. It will be held 1 day before the biggest enterprise CFML conference in the world: cf.Objective() on May 13th, 2014.  We have already a great lineup of speakers and sessions.

The registration for this event not only gets you in for a great day of training and networking but also you will receive the following and more:

  • 50 Free Business cards by
  • Free access to the CBDW2012 and CBDW2013 online training courses
  • 1 copy of Ortus DataBoss Standalone
  • Free subscription to HackMyCF
  • Much more

See you there in May!

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Zurich 2014 ColdBox TestBox Training Bootcamp

Luis Majano
Jan 06, 2014


We are so excited to officially announce yet another ColdBox and TestBox training event in Switzerland from February 5th to the 7th.  This training course will be lead by Luis Majano and will include a medley of our core courses and an entire day dedicated to testing using TestBox, our xUnit and Behavior Driven Testing (BDD) framework.  See you in Zurich!



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