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Screencast - Using the FusionReactor Profiler to find slow code

Brad Wood
Dec 05, 2019


In this tutorial, Brad Wood shows how to use FusionReactor features such as the request Profiler to identify several bottlenecks of slow code in a ColdFusion app.

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CommandBox Web Server Lockdown Example

Brad Wood
Oct 07, 2019


More and more people are using CommandBox or our Ortus Docker containers (powered by CommandBox) for production deployments.  Commandbox uses JBoss Undertow which is very lightweight and fast, and capable of service traffic just as fast as IIS or Apache.  A lot of people ask me about running CommandBox in production and I always say it's find so long as you follow the same basic lockdown procedures you'd take on any web server.  If you have IIS or Apache sitting in front of CommandBox, most of this configuration can happen there, but for people who want drop-dead simply prod servers, here's some quick tips on locking down your CommandBox server.

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CommandBox Screencast - Service Manager Module

Brad Wood
Sep 04, 2019


In this screencast we see a demo of the new CommandBox Service Manager module running on Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

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TestBox Screencast - Code Coverage

Brad Wood
Jun 24, 2019


In this video, we show how to get started measuring the code coverage of your test suite with TestBox 3.0 and FusionReactor.

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CommandBox Screencast - CFFormat Module

Brad Wood
Jun 17, 2019


Learn how to format your script CFCs with the CFFormat CommandBox Module.

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CommandBox Screencast - Forgebox Storage

Brad Wood
May 30, 2019


Learn how to publish packages using ForgeBox's built in S3 storage that uploads your package for you.

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CommandBox 4.5 Screencast on Advanced Server OpenJDK Management

Brad Wood
Jan 24, 2019


In this follow up screencast, we dive deeper into the advanced features CommandBox 4.5 gives you to manage the Java installations used by your CFML servers.

Screencast #1 (CommandBox 4.5 Server OpenJDK Version)

CommandBox 4.5 release note:

Java Endpoint docs:


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CommandBox 4.5 Screencast Server OpenJDK Versions

Brad Wood
Jan 21, 2019


In this screencast we show you how to use CommandBox 4.5 to manage the versions of Java your servers use via the AdoptOpenJDK API.

CommandBox 4.5 release notes:

Docs for managing Java versions via CommandBox:


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CommandBox 4 2.0 Progress Bar Demo Screencast

Brad Wood
Aug 20, 2018


Learn how to get a progress bar while downloading file as well as how to use the new generic progress bar for any custom application in a Task Runner or custom command.  

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What's New in Commandbox 4 - Debugging Servers

Brad Wood
Jul 24, 2018


Learn how to debug your servers when they won't start with CommandBox 4.  

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