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How To Submit Pull Requests to the ColdBox Platform

Brad Wood
Aug 28, 2015


The best part about open source projects is you! Many hands make light work and at Ortus we love getting input from the many smart community members out there.  The first way you can help is to report bugs or enhancements in our ticket tracking system.  You can read our guide for that here:

The second thing you can do is to actually submit fixes yourself!  This may seem scary, but it's a pretty straight forward process once you've done it once.  We can never have too many people willing to help. Let's jump in and cover the steps it takes to submit some code to the ColdBox Platform.

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Gavin Pickin New ContentBox Evangelist + ContentBox Roadmap

Luis Majano
Aug 21, 2015


We at Ortus are excited to announce Gavin Pickin as the new ContentBox evangelist.  He has been involved with the Box Community for a very long time and has always brought great ideas and help to the team and product suite.  In his new role, he will lead the evangelism and direction of the ContentBox CMS Platform.  We are also excited to announce our public product roadmap for ContentBox and the general availability of our beta bleeding edge downloads.  So let’s find out a little about him.


Gavin was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand… before moving to California at the age of 21. When New Zealand’s patchy weather let him go outside, he was constantly playing cricket, soccer, tennis, rugby, track and field, almost any sport that he could. When weather kept him inside, curiosity and computers kept him entertained. Gavin took the competitiveness and curiosity with him to University where he won a Senior Prize for Management Science and Information Systems and was invited into the prestigious Honors program, but decided to head abroad for International Experience. Upon completion of his Degree, he left New Zealand for California, where he has lived ever since. Now with a beautiful wife, and 5 great kids, he’s made a lifetime home in California.


Life in Web Development

While studying at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Gavin starting working Part Time for the School of Business as a WebMaster. In his final year of school, Gavin was invited to be part of the first “E-Business Team”, brought together to build a cohesive brand for the University. This is where Gavin was introduced to ColdFusion 4.5, and in the first weekend, he built a full blown app, and never looked back.

After arriving in California, he worked with a small company, helping them grow to become a million dollar company, with a custom designed k12 focused education content management system, which got the attention of the big players. After 6 years, he moved to a bigger company focused more on custom solutions, where he expanded his knowledge and tools as more detailed end to end systems were built, using ColdFusion and Javascript, including hybrid mobile apps with the help of Cordova.

Responsible for all aspects of the development process, from project specification, database design, devops, graphic design, server side and client side applications, Gavin’s experience has allowed him to fit well into any project, and his passion to learn and grow mean’s he is not afraid to tackle new technology.

History in *Box

After working on several custom built frameworks over many years of work with ColdFusion (that show remnants of fusebox remains), Gavin knew scaling his projects would require an adoption of community driven well known frameworks, not only for technical reasons, but for onboarding new developers. This lead Gavin to a ColdBox Bootcamp prior to cf.Objective() in 2013 where he met the ColdBox team and other new Boxers. It seemed like a natural progression, picked it up quickly, and contributed to the ColdBox world with a starter Project ColdBox Koans and presented at the ColdBox Developer week soon after.

Since then Gavin has continued to integrate more of the Box platform into legacy projects and new projects alike, and dive into new technology like TestBox and CommandBox as it came out. Gavin has continued to participate in the community, on Mailing Lists, ColdBox Developer Weeks, and Into the Box, and also guest blog posts and Roadshow presentations.

ContentBox Roadmap

You can view/download the ContentBox Roadmap document by clicking on the links below:

Our 3.0.0 Beta release is almost complete and the pre-beta binaries can be found in our integration server.

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Ortus Sponsoring at CFCamp 2015 - Munich

Luis Majano
Jul 28, 2015


CFCamp 2015 - Munich

We are excited to be part of CFCamp 2015 this year.  This is truly an awesome conference with over 26 different sessions, amazing speakers and of course it is hosted in one of my favorite cities in the world, Munich! So head over to their registration and get registered now as this event is around the corner.  We will also be holding a 3 day training event right before the conference on October 19-21st and if you are attending CFCamp you get an additional 30% off the entrance fee.  How do you get it? Use the following discount link:

See you soon!

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Munich CFCamp 2015 Training Bootcamp

Luis Majano
Jun 29, 2015


We are so excited to bring our training Bootcamp series back to Munich for 3 days of intense Box training right before this year's CFCamp ( from October 19-21st, 2015 .  This training series will be led by Box creator Luis Majano and you will have the option of attending all 3 days, 2 days or just 1.  Whether you are an MVC expert or novice, this bootcamp will challenge you and refresh your skills to the latest ColdBox, CommandBox and TestBox versions.

The first 2 days of the course will focus on a quick start with CommandBox for CFML development and transitioning to ColdBox 4 MVC and Modular Development.  Day 3 will focus on one of the most feared topics for developers: TESTING!  We will demistify Behavior Driven Development and introduce the necessary tools to make you a testing nija. Please make sure you bring code to test if only attending the last day.


CFCamp Attendees Discount

If you will be attending CFCamp you can get an additional 100€ by using the discount code cfcamp or using the following registration link:


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CommandBox v1.0.0 Released!

Luis Majano
Feb 04, 2015


After almost a year in development, we are so excited to finally announce the release of CommandBox 1.0.0 Final.  This has been definitely one of the most challenging and fun projects we have overtaken here at Ortus.  We had a vision of how we could accelerate not only development, tools and ultimately the ColdFusion (CFML) landscape by building a tool that could put us up to par with many other technologies.  I am glad to say we have now a great foundation to move forward.  CommandBox brings CFML to any Operating System and even embedded systems like the Raspberry and Banana Pi.  It also gives ColdFusion (CFML) developers a much better workflow to work with their projects and a sense of community we lovingly call ForgeBox.  

With anything we do here at Ortus, it is fully documented using our new book formats.  So head on over to to download or read the entire CommandBox documentation.  In the next coming weeks we will begin our CommandBox 5 week roadshow that will include weekly blogging tutorials and video presentations, so stay tuned as each week progresses.  So without further ado, I present to you project Gideon: CommandBox CLI!

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Into The Box 2015 Registration is Live!

Luis Majano
Nov 25, 2014


We are extremely excited to announce the comeback of the Into The Box developer conference.  This year we had a sold out conference, over 14 incredible sessions and even a surprise Mariachi band in the closing session! Into The Box 2015 will be bigger and brighter!  

Into The Box is a 1-day, 2-track event with speakers from around the world presenting on topics surrounding web technologies, software craftsmanship and the Ortus Solutions product stack.  It will be held 1 day before one of the biggest enterprise development conferences in the world: dev.Objective() on May 12th, 2015.  We are currently seeking speakers and will providing a line up in January.

The registration for this event not only gets you in for a great day of training and networking but also you will receive the following and more:

  • 50 Free Business cards by
  • 1 copy of Ortus DataBoss Standalone
  • Free subscription to HackMyCF
  • Much more

See you there in May!

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TestBox v2.1.0 Released!

Luis Majano
Nov 14, 2014


Team TestBox is proud to bring our latest release to fruition, v2.1.0.  This release includes a collection of fixes but also several new cool features like expectation concatenations,  aroundEach() lifecycle methods, better debugging and telemetry, UI report improvements and so much more.  We invite you to visit our engineering blog for a full description of this release and the following resources to get started:

You can also very easily get started with TestBox via CommandBox CLI for ColdFusion (CFML):

#install testbox
box install testbox

#what you thought there was more?


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ColdBox Developer Week 2014

Luis Majano
Sep 16, 2014



We are pleased to announce that ColdBox Developers Week (CBDW) is back for the third year now.  CBDW is a full week of completely free webinars (4-a-day) put on by Team ColdBox, ContentBox and other smart ColdFusion bods from around the world.  We've got some great topics this year that will discuss NoSQL, ColdBox 4.0, ContentBox CMS, and CommandBox.  Sign up and come to as many sessions as you like.  We'll also be recording every session as well for you to watch afterwards if you can't make it during the scheduled time.

So, here's the details.  CBDW will  be happening THIS month, September 22nd-26th.  There will be four sessions each day that week starting at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm Central time.  Want to know what that is in your time zone?  Head over to our site where we have every time zone in the world including yours (based on your IP address).


Register Today   View Schedule

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Ortus Sponsors Another Free Training Event

Brad Wood
Sep 10, 2014


Ortus is the company that has brought you the ColdBox MVC Platform, TestBox, CacheBox, WireBox, etc and we're still coming out with cool new stuff like our NoSQL library and CommandBox.  And while we offer on-site consulting and training as part of our professional services, we love to sponsor free training for the ColdFusion/CFML community because we believe better-equipped developers make for a healthier ecosystem.  

This will be the third year Team ColdBox puts on ColdBox Developer's Week, a full week of online webinars totalling over 20 hours of content.  Speakers are coming together from around the world to put this on and Ortus is a proud sponsor of the effort, even donating some of the daily door prizes.  There will be 4 sessions a day the entire week of September 22nd-26th.

You can read more about CBDW and sign up for free over on the ColdBox engineering blog.

Or just skip straight to the sessions here:

Signup is free and if you really like the value of our sessions feel free to use the donation option built into EventBrite.

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