The Into The Box conference has now passed and we had a tremendous time sharing with fellow developers in Houston last week. It was our very first standalone conference and it was a success in every which way. We are very excited about all the incredible speakers, attendees and topics we were able to learn from.

In this blog post, you will be able to revive a little of the ambiance and the culture of modern ColdFusion through our Day 1 Keynote. Our focus was to bring attention to the procedural and legacy stigma that has plagued the ColdFusion community for many years. We tackled head on the major problems the ColdFusion community has been dealing with for the past 10 years: legacy, not modern, procedural, no tools, no OS integrations, no jobs, no learning, etc. We demistifyed all these legacy and non-modern concerns and issued a warning to corporations that are still in procedural/legacy hell; Evolve or die!

In this day and age, every company and let me repeat that, every company is a software company and thus must be agile, present and modern. The tooling is here, use it.

We also presented our initiatives to spark modernization and tooling for the ColdFusion community since our first CommandBox release in 2014. We then moved to present our roadmaps for every box product, our containerization strategies, CommandBox and ContentBox docker images and how to evolve legacy/procedural applications.

Let me remind you, that you can run ANY Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee Engine in Docker today!

We ended with a view of the new products and initiatives coming to Ortus from:

  • Ortus University
  • Cross-CFML Engine portability and abstractions
  • CBT = ColdBox Templating Language based on Twig
  • CommandBox Minions and load balancing
  • CommandBox Orchestration and JVM containers
  • Project GRU->C for CommandBox remote orchestration and command executions
  • Much more..

Enjoy the video recording and remember: ColdFusion (CFML) and its tooling is as modern as any language. It is up to you to implement, share and communicate. Evolve or Die!

## Keynote Video

Keynote Slides