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We're a company that focuses on building professional open source tools, custom applications and great websites! We're the team behind ColdBox, the de-facto enterprise CFML MVC Platform, TestBox, the CFML Testing and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Framework, ContentBox, a highly modular and scalable Content Management System, CommandBox, the ColdFusion (CFML) CLI, package manager, etc, and many more.


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Ortus Solutions is a minority-owned Christian business founded by Luis Majano in 2005 with the vision of empowering developers with great open source tools and empowering clients with scalable and robust applications. We have a proven track record of successful web application development from small scale to mission critical applications, software architecture, website design, training and support services.

We know how difficult it is to do everything all by yourself therefore we are here to help you out. Our focus is to make your business more efficient without having to pay high consulting rates which leaves you wanting more. We are at our core, developers who know the value of time and money and we have seen firsthand how our products and services can help you save those two invaluable things.

Our services empower our customers to rapidly deliver highly scalable and modular web applications and infrastructure to ultimately achieve higher productivity and deliver software that matters. We are web experts and open source leaders with over 14 years of experience.

Web Development

Need a website, API, mobile or web application? No problem, we have all the tools and services to get your project built in no time!

Support & Mentoring

We have several support & mentoring programs that will give you peace of mind and assurance when building with any of our products.

Architecture & Design

Let us be part of your team! We can offer architecture & design services for your next big project!


We have several products and solutions specifically targeted for government institutions, small or large!

Expert Training

We have a wide selection of CFML training courses we can deliver on-site or virtually that will get you from zero to hero in no time!

Server Infrastructure

We can help you design, build, cluster, or fine-tune your server infrastructure. From CFML to Database to Couchbase Servers.


Tackle your sites security with our professional security scans and code reviews!

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At our core, we are a software development firm that believes in the value of great tools, products and software solutions. Over the years we have distinguished ourselves as industry leaders in web development and we have the products to prove it.


ColdBox Platform

ColdBox MVC: Conventions Based Development Framework

WireBox: Dependency Injection & AOP Framework

CacheBox: Enterprise Caching Engine, Aggregator & API

LogBox: Enterprise Logging Library


Open Source

BDD/TDD Testing & Mocking Framework

The ColdFusion (CFML) CLI, Package Manger, REPL, Recipe Cooker and much more!

Get ready to release your content out of its box.  ContentBox Modular CMS has arrived!

RESTFul API Tooling for Lazy Experts. Rock your API Development with Relax!

The CFML SDK for Couchbase NoSQL!



Native Couchbase Lucee Integration for distributed sessions, caching and much more!

Dynamic ORM Scaffolding & Administrator!

Protect your ColdBox and ContentBox applications with this security firewall!

ProfileBox is the best way to monitor and profile your ColdBox and ContentBox applications!

PDF Form binding, streaming, extraction and much more for Lucee CFML Server!

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Into The Box 2017 - Conference Workshops
Texas | April 26-28


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