We are so excited to announce two training workshops to occur before CFCamp 2018 this November 6-7 in Munich: https://cfcamp2018-box.eventbrite.com. Please note that registration is limited, so hurry!

ColdBox From Zero to Hero

by Luis Majano

In this workshop you will be introduced to the latest version of the most popular CFML MVC framework; ColdBox 5. We will go over the basics of installation, templating and configuration to the most advanced features like HMVC development with modules, RESTFul APIs, interception points and much more.

CommandBox Servers and Containerizing

by Brad Wood

Take a deep dive into how to standardize your server infrastructure from development to production using CommandBox, CFConfig, and Docker. These powerful tools help simplify the number of servers you have to keep track of and help you keep consistent settings and behavior across the board-- a must for a team of people all doing local development. We'll also do a brief introduction into what Docker is and how it can help you with a lot of deployment concerns.