Luis Majano

November 20, 2017

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Here are our slides from our ColdBox Hierarchical MVC presentation at this year's Adobe ColdFusion Summit. You can also find the source code for our demo here: or you can install it via CommandBox: box install lmajano/hmvc-presso-demo.

10 years ago, MVC was all the rage in web apps. It taught us to take our mountain of spaghetti code and start to call forth layers; separating the responsibilities of our code. This was great, but the way we should build apps has evolved again and this time it's away from monolithic app design and into modularity. Instead of having one giant custom-built application, there are huge advantages to separating the functional pieces of your code as well to break large applications down into many smaller pieces.

This can make for easier maintenance on a large codebase -- even across multiple teams and repos. It can help you focus on microservices of isolated functionality. And most importantly, it really opens up the door for code reuse-- especially other people's code from the community that has drop-in value for your application.

Let's dive into what a modular MVC architecture looks like in ColdFusion (CFML) using ColdBox 5, how to break apart large applications, write reusable libraries with hassle-free installation, and track our dependencies from the CLI for easy management and automation. This is the future of modern app development. The power of modularity will keep your skills relevant and your architecture extensible. Don't get stuck back in 2005!

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