TestBox v2.8.0 Released!

Luis Majano August 08, 2018

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Luis Majano

August 08, 2018

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We are excited to announce the release of TestBox version 2.8.0. To install just use CommandBox:

box install testbox --savedev

To upgrade your current testbox installation just run the following:

box update testbox

TestBox 2.8.0 is a minor release with some great new functionality and tons of fixes. You can find the release notes here and the major updates for this release.

Release Notes


  • [TESTBOX-224] - Bug on SimpleReporter name not complete
  • [TESTBOX-231] - Recurse parameter not honored #71 on html runner
  • [TESTBOX-232] - Junit reporter blows up on null values in server scope
  • [TESTBOX-233] - Update Expectation.cfc to make toMatchWithCase consistent as it is not working

New Features

  • [TESTBOX-225] - Add ability to exclude labels from running using url.excludes


  • [TESTBOX-230] - Incompatibilities with Adobe on many isValid and isInstanceOf

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