ColdBox 15 Year Anniversary Video

Luis Majano March 16, 2022

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Luis Majano

March 16, 2022

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We are so excited to share a small video celebrating the 15 years of the legacy of the ColdBox Platform rocking the ColdFusion (CFML) World. It has been a truly tremendous ride, filled with lots of joy, challenges, frustrations and satisfaction that ColdBox is powering applications from companies all over the world. We started as the very first conventions over configuration MVC framework. It has become the most widely used ColdFusion (CFML) framework and the standard for developing modern web applications in ColdFusion (CFML). With tons of products, modules and frameworks that have stemmed from this initial project. ColdBox HMVC has truly been a catalyst at Ortus!

We are committed to open source and to the further development of modern tooling for the CFML language. We are not even close to being done yet. We have tons of new releases, tools and more coming this 2022+ that will richely empower ColdFusion (CFML) developers. We are as modern and even more than many of our competitors in other languages. We are so looking forward for the next 15 years!

Why ColdBox?

If you haven't tried ColdBox yet, give it a spin! ColdBox was designed to help bring a standard development methodologies to developers and teams. To instill best practices and to assist you in building modern web applications. It works in perfect unison with other libraries and services like:

  • WireBox: To give you dependency injection and object management
  • CacheBox: For enterprise caching and a unified API for distributing to Redis, Mongo, Elastic, Terracota, and much more.
  • LogBox: For logging and messaging.
  • CommandBox: For package management, server deployments, CI/CD, automation, REPL and much more.
  • TestBox: For true test/behavior driven development. Everything in ColdBox is testable, everything!
  • : Tap into a collection of over 1000 packages that can extend your application without reinventing the wheel.
  • : A collection of over 100 hours of video training.

You can build small sites, big sites, a blog, a cms, complex modular based applications and flexible RESTFul services. We have been a professional open source project since 2006. Meaning if you need help, we are there. If you need training, we are there. If you need strategy, we are there. We can professionally support you from idea to conception or from legacy to modernization.

If you are struggling with managing and maintaining a legacy application, ColdBox can be installed alongside these vehemuts so you can start modernizing them module by module. We have proven techniques built right into the core to assist you in getting out of legacy hell. You can modernize at a faster pace and lower costs of moving your entire stack to other languages or platforms. At Ortus, we have personally modernized over 350 applications from legacy CFML to modern ColdBox.

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Mar 16, 2022 23:53:11 UTC

by Will Belden

Congratulations! I (and others) firmly believe you saved Coldfusion from extinction with quality framework products!

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