Luis Majano

July 28, 2023

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We are excited to announce the release of TestBox v5.2! This version comes packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to take your testing experience to the next level. TestBox 5.2 enhances the testing framework's performance and introduces powerful new capabilities for dynamic mixins and finally module support.

What's New in TestBox 5.2?

New Features

  1. Faster Performance with Updated MixerUtil

    • TESTBOX-375 introduces enhancements to the MixerUtil module, resulting in faster performance during dynamic mixins and enhancing the flexibility of your test suites.
  2. More Control with bundlesPattern in TestBox Init

    • TESTBOX-376 adds the bundlesPattern parameter to testbox.system.TestBox's init method. This new addition gives you greater control over defining the pattern for your test bundles, making test organization a breeze.
  3. Introducing TestBox Modules

    • TESTBOX-377 brings a game-changing feature to TestBox - Modules support! Now you can create and utilize modules to extend TestBox's capabilities, opening up endless possibilities for tailored testing workflows. Check out our docs:

Bug Fixes

  1. Query Compatibility in Expectation

    • TESTBOX-346 addresses an issue where using expect(sut).toBeInstanceOf("something")) with a query could cause unexpected behavior. This has been resolved, ensuring a smoother testing experience with query objects.
  2. Improved cbstreams Functionality

    • TESTBOX-374 fixes issues related to cbstreams outside of ColdBox, ensuring seamless functionality in various environments.


  1. Enhanced toBeInstanceOf() Handling
    • TESTBOX-20 improves the handling of toBeInstanceOf() expectations for Java classes, making it even easier to write precise and robust tests for Java objects.

Upgrade and Get Started!

With TestBox 5.2, we've focused on delivering enhanced performance, greater control, and extensibility to our users. We encourage you to upgrade and explore the latest capabilities to supercharge your testing experience.

To upgrade, visit the TestBox website or update your package manager with the latest version.

We hope you enjoy TestBox 5.2 and find it invaluable in your testing efforts. As always, your feedback is crucial to our growth. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please share them with us.

Happy testing! 🧪🚀

The TestBox Team

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