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ColdBox 2.5.2 and New Official ColdBox Website Released Today!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


ColdBox 2.5.2 is now available! This is an important update that will fix several bugs and some new updates. Also, not only is the new version out, but the new Official ColdBox Website. It has a spanking new look and its full of information for all users. There are several announcements on it, as well as the starting point of turning ColdBox into a Professional Open Source Project. So 2008 will sure be an interesting year for ColdBox, so stay tuned as the website gathers momentum and the next versions are already in the works.

As a sidenote, the entire new website is based on the following technologies that ColdBox recommends as a base for all web development projects:

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Ernst has done it again: ColdBox WebChart3D Plugin!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Ernst has done it again! Good job! He has just released his ColdBox WebCharts3D Plugin and it really rocks. So if you are interested in adding webcharts3D functionality to your ColdBox applications, you can do so with ease. Also, webcharts3D is included in ColdFusion.

So enjoy!! This has been added to the code depot also. Below are some samples of the types of charting you can do:

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What Poll or Survey software or service to use? What is your opinion?

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I have been tinkering with the idea of setting up several polls or surveys in order to better get an opinion of the coldbox community. However, I wanted to ask the community what polling software or services they believe are good. I would prefer a solution where I wouldn't have to host it, but more of a service that can generate the HTML for me, sort of like: Or maybe a survey solution would work also. Anyways, I guess the less maintenance I have, the better. What are your thoughts? What would you recommend as far as polling or surveys goes?

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New ColdBox Plugin: rssReader, get it from the code depot.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I have completed a very cool rssReader plugin for the next installment of ColdBox. This is a stand alone plugin that I would like the community to try out and see if it would make sense to add it to the core plugins list for version 2.6.

What is so special on this plugin?

  • Uses a file caching technique by serializing/deserializing the rss structure into bytearrays.
  • The file cache is configurable and has an exposed API for you to use.
  • One standard format for RSS or ATOM feeds
  • ISO86901 and RFC822 Date Formatting and parsing. All dates are translated to standard coldfusion date strings. No need to translate or parse.
  • Easily to configure via your coldbox.xml.cfm
  • Ability to return feed items as a query or array of structures.

Those are some of the features of this plugin. The plugin is built using a cfhttp method, so its compatible with cf7 and cf8. Anyways, take it for a spin and let me know your thoughts on it. Especially if you think the plugin would be beneficial for the next ColdBox version 2.6

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New ColdBox Plugin: rssGenerator, get it from the code depot.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I have just posted a new plugin for ColdBox called rssGenerator. You can download the plugin pack from the code depot. This plugin is based on the idea of coldfusion 8's cffeed but for any CFMX engine. It will take a standardized structure and convert it into an RSS 2.0 feed. Also, since cffeed offers a capability called column mapper, then so does this plugin. You can pass an optional structure that maps your query's columns to the feed's standard names. That way, you can aggregate any query by just mapping its columns to the feed. Soooo easy!!

In most cases, a database table uses column names that differ from the column names you must use to create the feed. Therefore, you must use the columnmap attribute to map the input query column names to the required column names.

SELECT * FROM orders

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Eclipse Resource Bundles Editor: Great For ColdBox Internationalization.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Ernst Van der Linden pointed me out to a great eclipse plugin to use when using ColdBox's Internationalization features. This plugin is the Eclipse Resource Bundles Plugin

Click for more screenshots

This is an incredible plugin that will help you work with multi-language resource bundles right from within eclipse. I Include the Attessor tool with ColdBox to facilitiate the usage of resource bundles, but this tool takes the cake.

  • It shows the property keys as a list or as a tree
  • It shows all the available locales at the same time
  • You can easily see multi-language translations at one time
  • Change languages with ease
  • New Language wizard that will blow your mind
  • If founds missed keys in any locale and displays a warning icon.
  • It saves the keys grouped, in alphabetical order and with the equal signs aligned.
  • It escapes Unicode characters that are not inside the ASCII subset. Example: Cu00F3digo postal for C√≥digo postal.
  • It founds duplicate property values.
  • Much More...
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IllegalStateExceptions in ModuleTag With ColdBox

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I have been getting several reports about IllegalStateExceptions from several people now and wanted to have this documented to help other ColdBox or ColdFusion developers out there. Have you been getting any IllegalStateExceptions in ModuleTag on your ColdBox Applications?? Are you using ColdFusion 7? Well, Adobe has a hot fix for this bug and it has been an old issue and of course, resolved in ColdFusion 8.

Adobe has resolved an issue with IllegalStateExceptions thrown intermittently by ModuleTag. The stacktrace generated is similar to the following: java.lang.IllegalStateException at coldfusion.tagext.lang.ModuleTag.doAfterBody( at cfindex2ecfm842540228.runPage(C:InetPubwwwrootIllegalStateExceptionindex.cfm:18) at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage.invoke( at coldfusion.tagext.lang.IncludeTag.doStartTag( at coldfusion.filter.CfincludeFilter.invoke( at coldfusion.filter.ApplicationFilter.invoke( at coldfusion.filter.RequestMonitorFilter.invoke(

The scenario where this problem occurs typically includes the following items: 1. Use of an application framework. 2. Use of Application.cfc and OnRequestEnd or OnSessionEnd method. 3. Calling methods on ColdFusion Components stored in shared scopes, often the application scope. 4. The use of custom tags. Secondary issues caused by the IllegalStateException are often resolved by application of the patch. These issues have included query truncation and invalid parameter binding errors with cfquery and cfqueryparam.

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ColdBox Survey: Please help out.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I just posted a survey so I can get the community more involved in the development of ColdBox. Please Click here to take survey Even if you haven't used ColdBox, fill it out. I really appreciate your input as I always want ColdBox to be a Community Driven project. Your input is super valuable. UPDATE Live Feeds are the rss aggregations on forums, tickets, wiki, etc. As for Active Record, is to find out if there is interest in implementing such capabilities into ColdBox

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CFUnited Early Bird Ending Soon

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Only a few days left for the Early Bird special for CFUnited. So if you haven't registered yet, I really hope you do. I will be doing a great session on ColdBox at the conference and it should be a great one.

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CF Objective is almost here! ColdBox Session Debut

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, CF Objective is almost here, only 31 more days!! I am super excited that this year I will be attending again and actually speaking on two sessions:

  • ColdBox Framework 101
  • ColdBox Advanced Techniques Workshop

These sessions should definitely get you familiar with what ColdBox is and how it can help you or your organization. The two hour hands-on workshop will surely be an interesting one as I will demo lots of features and some clever tips and tricks. Hope to see you there and don't forget to register for these sessions.

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