We are so excited to welcome our new product in the Ortus Solutions lineup; ProfileBox : ColdBox Metrics & Profiling.  Here is a little brief overview about ProfileBox and how it can help you as a developer and also as a company.  Ortus ProfileBox is a ColdBox module that will provide you with profiling, metrics, CacheBox reports, custom object metrics, exception notifications, LogBox integration and much more for any ColdBox 3.5 application via Integral's FusionReactor server monitor application for both Adobe ColdFusion and Railo.  You can read much more about ProfileBox in our product release blog.

Why ProfileBox?

We created ProfileBox to help ColdBox and ContentBox developers dig deeper into their applications and get reportable metrics on how their code is running and where they need to improve.  ProfileBox taps into a powerful new API that's part of FusionReactor 5 that sends data about every aspect of your application so you can report on it right from inside the FusionReactor 5 interface.  You can see status on event execution, view rendering times, and even get status on any of your CacheBox providers.  

If that's not enough, ProfileBox lets you track arbitrary methods of your choosing from your models.  Simply annotate a method with "profile" and it will be automatically wrapped in an AOP aspect that logs its execution to FusionReactor 5.  Annotate a component with "profile" to send usage status about every method in that CFC.  We're also providing you with two new LogBox appenders that your application can use that will send data to FusionReactor 5 for reporting and analysis.  Every piece of logged data is configurable in a custom JSON setting file to give you full control over what gets sent to FusionReactor 5.

ProfileBox is fully documented and production ready for Adobe ColdFusion 9.01 and above as well as Railo Open Source CFML Engine and above.  You will also need have purchased a license of the brand-new FusionReactor 5.  You can visit our product page to learn about its capabilities so you can purchase your copy today.  Profile is priced at only $8.25/month which is an amazing value.  Below are some great resources so you can get started with ProfileBox.