We are proud to announce today the public release of our product Ortus ProfileBox.  We have been waiting for the release of FusionReactor 5 and now that it is here, we are happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Ortus family: ProfileBox : ColdBox Profiling & Metrics

What is ProfileBox?

Ortus ProfileBox is a ColdBox module that will provide you with profiling, metrics, CacheBox reports, custom object metrics, exception notifications, LogBox integration and much more for any ColdBox 3.5 application via Integral's FusionReactor Server monitor application for both Adobe ColdFusion and Railo.   You can watch our introductory video to get a quick overview of what ProfileBox is and how it can benefit your development.




  • Profile and take metrics of any ColdBox Event including ability to trace hierarchical executions, renderings and handler results
  • Profile ColdBox User Experience metrics from time spent in ColdBox code, to Client Code to Network time
  • Profile rendering of any layout or view
  • Ability to trace the request collections via any ColdBox event requested
  • Ability to profile any WireBox-managed object via our very own method and component annotations
  • LogBox appender for creating FusionReactor notifications
  • LogBox appender for creating FusionReactor request tracers
  • WireBox mappings for interacting with FusionReactor tracers and notifications a-la-carte
  • Ability to profile all caches monitored by CacheBox
  • Exception handling that can send your exceptions to the FusionReactor Notifications
  • Much more

ProfileBox is fully documented and production ready for Adobe ColdFusion 9.01 and above as well as Railo Open Source CFML Engine and above.  You will also need have purchased a license of the brand-new FusionReactor 5.  You can visit our product page to learn about its capabilities so you can purchase your copy today.  ProfileBox is priced at only $8.25/month which is an amazing value.  Below are some great resources so you can get started with ProfileBox.