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Submit your ColdBox sites, applications, and companies

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


If you have a company, website or application built on ColdBox, please submit it to this post or at so it can be placed at our new wiki page at : So please reply to this post with your company name, websites, or applications built.

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Adopts ColdBox, why shouldn't you? Plus, More news.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I got word today that I could post this story, so here it is. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has adopted ColdBox for their web application development on several projects. This is very good news for the ColdBox and ColdFusion community as more and more companies are adopting ColdBox as their framework and software toolkit.

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ColdBox 2.5.0 Final Release is here!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


After several months of development, ColdBox 2.5.0 is finally here. This is a truly great release and I want to thank God for his guidance. The release includes tons of new features, updates and fixes. All you need to know about the framework has been documented and can be found at the current wiki: What's New in 2.5.0 Also, a compatibility guide has been created. Most likely all of your 2.0.3 code will be compatible. However, you need to understand the changes that 2.5.0 implements, since it now uses Application.cfc as a bootstrapper. You can find the guide here: Compatibility Guides for 2.5.0 Many people collaborated on this release and there are too many to name, but some are: Sana Ullah, Oscar Arevalo, Russ Johnson, Rob Gonda, Brian LeGros, Tom DeManincor, Matt Quackenbush, Aaron Roberson, Peter Bell, etc... Thanks guys!! Well, enjoy this release, and please let me know what are your thoughts and how "WE, TEAM COLDBOX" can improve on this incredible framework and software toolkit. You can download the software here:
Also, a new cheat sheet has been created and it totally rocks!! It is two pages long and it will help you in almost any ColdBox development. Enjoy this awesome release!!

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CF.Objective 2008 Sessions and Speakers: ColdBox Session Debuts!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I got great news today from Sean Corfield that my topics where selected for CF.Objective(). Not only will I be doing a introduction presentation but a 2 hour hands on to advanced techniques with the coldbox framework. You can see all the sessions here. So Minneapolis, here I come!!

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In the Xmas Spirit: What do you want for ColdBox & The ColdBox Dashboard?

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Now that 2.5 is out and the Dashboard 2.2.2 is also out, what do you expect for further releases. Russ Johnson joined team ColdBox and he is brining a tons of new ideas and funky stuff that will blow your mind. But apart from those, what are your expectations on ColdBox? What do you want from this framework AND toolkit!! More plugins? More interceptors? More GUI releated ideas? More debugging tools? What? Also, what are your thoughts on the ColdBox Dashboard Application? Does it make your life easier to start a project? What features do you want on it? What would make you use the Dashboard as part of your development? (Please note, that the dashboard is separate from the framework) So give me your thoughts and ideas!!

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SES interceptor update for ColdBox 2.5.1

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Matt Quackenbush submitted this unusual behavior a few days ago and I was finally able to reproduce and fix today. Here is his excerpt:

If I browse to http://localhost/myApp/index.cfm/main/dspHome (or any other explicitly-called event), everything is good to go. However, if I browse to http://localhost/myApp/ or http://localhost/myApp/index.cfm, an exception is thrown that says: The event handler: index.cfm.dspHome is not valid registered event.
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ColdBox Interceptors Guide updated: Dependency Injection & LifeCycle

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


The ColdBox interceptors guide has been updated with some new cool approaches on how to deal with interceptor dependencies and their life cycles. You can see how they get created and configured so you don't go in loops to know the actual process. The injection of dependencies is also demonstrated when using an IoC framework like ColdSpring/Lightwire and even when you are not.

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Speaking at CFUNITED 2008

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I will be speaking at CFUNITED 2008 this year in Washington, DC. I am super excited since I have never been to a CFUNITED conference. So it will be a first experience speaking and attending. My topic will be on ColdBox of course. So if you haven't registered for this conference, then do so now!!

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CF.Objective ColdBox Hands On, Need your Input!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I am super excited to be able to be part of CF.Objective this year. I attended last year and it was an incredible conference. If you have not registered for it, please do. Now, I need your input on what exactly to show on the hands on session. Below is my outline of what I would like to show. However, if you have a specific idea on the topics below, please comment.

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ColdBox 2.5.2 update coming : autowire delight!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


For those of you interested in downloading the daily build, I have let
the cat out of the bag today, in which we will have version 2.5.2 in the next coming weeks.

Why the update if we are on schedule for 2.6? Well, these features where left out of 2.5 until I was sure they where ok and now they are.

So what does the update include:

1. Two new interception points: afterHandlerCreation, afterPluginCreation

2. Fixes for using the coldboxproxy with event gateways (Thanks Tom!)

3. API documentation

4. Lightwire updated to include "containsBean" method

5. Due to the popularity of the flash RC persitance via setNextEvent and setNextRoute, the method has been now exposed to the controller and all plugins/handlers/interceptors. You can now persist variables from the collection into the flash RC Ram via the method:

"persistVariables(comma-delimmited list of keys)".

You can now use it to persist on demand. (Thanks Mark!!)

6. One new interceptor: autowire.cfc

This amazing interceptor will autowire your handlers and plugins with beans from the ioc plugin (whether coldspring or lightwire). So you can easily autowire your handlers and plugins with service objects or whatever you want. Man, am I gonna have to configure mooore stuff. Well, not thanks to conventions and metadata. All you do is:

- Declare the 'autowire=true' in your cfcomponent declaration.

- Then just create the getter/setters for your services (*They have to
be the same name as the bean names in your configurations)

And that is IT!!! No configuration, just add the "autowire" metadata parameter
to your handlers and plugins, create the getters and setters and you
are ready to roll.

The interceptor declaration would be:

The debugmode property just spits out to the log files any errors or
information stuff.

So there you go, one more surprise coming probably in about a week and
2.5.2 is a go!!

Enjoy the autowire interceptor!!

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