Brad Wood

August 06, 2013

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Here at ColdBox HQ, we've been falling in love with Couchbase.  It's a distributed Memcached-compatible key-value store AND NoSQL database.  Hopefully you been reading out Couchbase blog series over on the Ortus blog.  We're working to make Couchbase accessible from your favorite CFML engine and today we released our open source provider for CacheBox.  

CacheBox is a cache aggregator and API which means it can connect to any number of underlying cache engines via multiple named caches and presents them all to you under a consolidated API.  CacheBox comes with the ColdBox MVC platform, but if you're not using ColdBox, keep reading!  CacheBox is also available as a standalone library for use in any application, even if you're not using a framework.  

Since Couchbase is an out-of-process cache is doesn't use any memory in your JVM's heap and also persists on disk across restarts.  Once you register our Couchbase provider in CacheBox, you can connect to a Couchbase cluster and immediately begin storing data for your application.  

  • Built-in ColdBox Caching
  • Manual caching available anywhere
    • Queries
    • Oft-used data
    • Write your own SessionStorage or ClientStorage plugin for a custom Couchbase store
    • Snippets of rendered content

The Provider is fully documented and professionally supported.  Check out the full post here on the Ortus Blog, or skip straight to the download page.

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