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ColdBox Turned 14!

Paulina Lainez
Jul 25, 2020


Congratulations are in order as our very own ColdBox turned 14 years old! The framework that we know today has been under constant development since its inception on June 2006. What started with a set of reusable code and tools that are used to increase development productivity, now has become a whole universe!

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CFCasts - A Peek Inside the Tech Stack

Eric Peterson
Jun 30, 2020


Being a new platform from Ortus, I wanted to take some time to dive in to the tech stack we are using to build CFCasts. Many people ask us how we would build a modern CFML site. Well, here's at least one answer.

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New Zero to Hero Workshop Dates Announced and Important Updates

Paulina Lainez
Jun 30, 2020


Due to popular demand, we have decided to have another Zero to Hero Workshop on July 9 - 10!

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FORGEBOX v5.1.0 Released

Luis Majano
Jun 01, 2020


Modernize all things!

FORGEBOX v5.1.0 released!

Today we are pleased to announce a minor release for our FORGEBOX suite of products to version 5.1.0. It has tons of updates and nice features for all plans. Enjoy!

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CommandBox 5.1.1 Released

Brad Wood
Jun 01, 2020


We have pushed a patch release of CommandBox 5.1.1 which is a small addition to the recent 5.1.0 release.  This release was primarily to address a regression in 5.1.0 affecting Mac OS users who tried to start Lucee servers.  If you see an error similar to this on a Lucee server and you're running a Mac and CommandBox 5.1.0, then this release will fix it for you.

lucee.runtime.exp.NativeException: mac os x is not a supported OS platform.

If you are upgrading from CommandBox 5.1.0, there are only a handful of tickets which are listed below.  If you are updating from an earlier version of CommandBox, please check out our 5.0.0 and 5.1.0 release blogs.

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The Good News Keep On Coming!

Paulina Lainez
May 22, 2020


After two days of non-stop sessions, it is safe to say that Into the Box 2020 proved to be a one-of-a-kind virtual experience. It is important to note that it wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of our speakers, sponsors and 100+ attendees. We were all witnesses to the power of the CFML community and we couldn’t be more thankful for allowing us to engage with you all.

As you may have noticed, we have many things cooking at Ortus. We wanted to highlight what is coming soon and what we have been working on so that you can keep track and be in the lookout for the releases. 


CommandBox 5.1.0 Released

Brad Wood
May 22, 2020


We are pleased to announce the release of CommandBox 5.1.0.  This is a minor release of your favoriate CLI and package manager and contains 37 completed tickets including many bug fixes and some sweet new features.

You can download the latest release from our download page:

And you can check out the latest version of the docs here:

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ColdBox 6 RC Released!

Luis Majano
May 15, 2020


We are so excited to bring you the first public release candidate of the next generation of ColdBox HMVC , version 6.0. Enjoy as we are almost ready for final release.

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Relax 4.1.0 Released

Jon Clausen
May 07, 2020


We are so excited to bring you the release of Relax v4.1.0. Though the release version is minor, this version contains a number of enhancements to OpenAPI v3 support, including better formatting and display of the new-to-3.0 requestBody schema and properties. In addition the user experience has been greatly improved as the UI has been rewritten in VueJS and is now optimized for displaying large API documents with hundreds of routes and thousands of methods. Enjoy!

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Into the Box Blog Post Series - Meet Matthew Clemente

Paulina Lainez
May 05, 2020


Our next speaker would've betted with absolute certainty that he was going to be a university professor of English literature. As you may have guessed, because his  ITB session isn't a lecture on SonnetBox, even best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Everyone, please meet Matthew Clemente.

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