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Ortus PDF v1.0.0 Lucee Extension Released

Luis Majano
Mar 14, 2016



We are extremely excited to bring to the masses our PDF extension for Lucee CFML server. This has been in the works since the Railo days and we have finally spiced it up to release it publicly. So what exactly does the Ortus PDF extension do? I am glad you asked. Let's check this extension out.


The Ortus PDF Lucee Extension adds to any Lucee engine the missing PDF capabilities you were longing for and enhancing some PDF capabilities as well. The extension contains several new CFML built-in tags and functions (coming soon) that will help you manipulate and work with PDF documents. Our extension is completely documented and professionaly supported via our Ortus Support services.

Implemented Tags:

  • cfpdfform
  • cfpdfformparam


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Getting Started With The Railo Couchbase Extension

Brad Wood
Jun 20, 2014


We've just released a short getting started video for our Couchbase Railo Extension.  Our Raillo extension is a native integration to your CFML server that allows you to seamlessly provide distributed session storage, caching, and NoSQL capabilities.

Ortus Railo Couchbase Extension from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

Here are some of the major features of our Couchbase Extension:

  • Add Couchbase functionality to any Railo application
  • Install at the web context level or the server level (Available to all contexts)
  • Create Cache connections in the Railo administrator to connect to any network-accessable Couchbase cluster
  • Set and get objects from Couchbase via standard CFML functions and tagscachePut(), cacheGet(), <cfcache action="get|put">
  • Fully supports all built-in Railo cache functions including wildcard filters
  • Seamlessly distribute storage of the following to any bucket in a Couchbase cluster
    • Railo session storage
    • Railo client storage
    • Railo RAM resouce ram://...
  • Seamlessly cache the following to any timeout-sensitive bucket in a Couchbase cluster
    • Results of database queries <cfquery cachedwithin>
    • Results of deterministic functions <cffunction cachedwithin>
    • Complex or simple objects in your application's code
    • Cached templates <cfcache action="content|cache|serverCache">
  • Extremely lightweight and fast


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