CommandBox 6.0.0 Released!

Brad Wood February 15, 2024

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Brad Wood

February 15, 2024

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We are pleased to announce the release of CommandBox 6.0.0.  This is a major release of our CLI, REPL, Package Manager, and CFML Server.  It comes with some major new features for you to play with.  And even better, CommandBox 6 should be 99% backwards compatible with CommandBox 5.9 so you can update and test it out today. 


As usual, the documentation has been fully updated for CommandBox 6.  The reference docs are here:


You can acquire the new release via 

You can upgrade your existing CommandBox version by stopping all CLIs and servers, swapping out the box.exe binary, and restarting.

CommandBox Pro

We also want to highlight our new CommandBox Pro offering.  This is a professionally-supported license you can purchase for CommandBox which comes with

  • Support
  • Bundled Commercial Service Manager module
  • Bundled Commercial Lucee Cache Extension
  • ForgeBox Pro Account
  • Supported Multi-Site Features

CommandBox is still free and open source.  But if you're using it to make money for your company and you want to ensure you have support for when you need it, please consider checking out our CommandBox Pro licenses to help us support this open source effort and to help you out at the same time!

What's New

There are a lot of new features in CommandBox 6.  Here's an overview of the biggest ones.  Check out the release notes for the full list.

Multi-Site Servers

This one is huge.  It's the hallmark feature of CommandBox 6 and allows you to easily run as many web sites (with different web roots) in a single CommandBox server.  This finally gives you the same behavior you get with Adobe ColdFusion and IIS or Lucee/Tomcat and Apache with mod_cfml.  CommandBox has had built-in ModCFML support for a while, but it still needed a web server in front to work fully.  CommandBox Multi-Site gives you a fully powered web server that allows you to define as many separate web sites as you like, each with COMPLETE configuration control, all inside a single server process.  

  • Rewrites
  • web aliases
  • security profile 
  • HTTP/SSL/AJP bindings
  • SSL Certs
  • welcome files
  • MIME types
  • GZIP settings
  • Basically everything can currently configure under the "web" object of your server.json can be set on a per-site basis!

CommandBox is now truly a One-Stop-Shop for running your apps from development to production.  You don't need Apache, Nginx, IIS, or Tomcat!

  "name": "commandbox-multi-site",
  "web": {
    "bindings": {
      "HTTP": {
        "listen": "80"
  "sites": {
    "site1": {
      "hostAlias": "",
      "webroot": "site1"
    "site2": {
      "hostAlias": "",
      "webroot": "site2"
    "site3": {
      "hostAlias": "",
      "webroot": "site3"

Read more here:

Enhanced Server Bindings

Going hand-in-hand with our Multi-Site features, is the ability to bind to more than one HTTP port, more than one SSL port and more than one AJP port.  You can configure proper host name matching on any binding, and even have multiple SSL certs.  This new feature is available not only for Multi-Site but also for single site servers.  The new server bindings come with a new JSON syntax in the server.json (we still support the old one too)

    "web" : {
        "bindings" : {
            "HTTP" : {
                "listen" : "",
                "host" : ","

Read more here:

SSL SNI Support

Going hand-in-hand with our enhanced server bindings, is the ability not only to be able to specify multiple SSL certs per site, but also multiple SSL certs per SSL binding.  CommandBox automatically enables SNI (Server Name Indication) which will choose the proper cert based on the incoming host name.  With support for PEM files, DER formats, and PFX formats, this really opens up a lot of capabilities.

Read more here:

Rewrite Maps

We added a popular feature from Apache's mod_rewrite called rewrite maps.  This allows you to create a simple text file of values you can reference in your rewrite rules to map incoming URL values to another value.

  "web" : {
      "rewrite-map( name=myMap, file='/path/to/myMap.txt' case-sensitive=false )",
      "regex-nocase( '^/foo/(.*)$' ) -> rewrite( 'index.cfm?page=%{map:myMap:$[1]|99}' )"

Read more here:

Publish command directly uploads to S3

This is a nice little productivity enhancement.  When you run the publish command, the CLI will now directly upload your zip file to S3 instead of sending it to ForgeBox first.  This improves the speed and efficiency of your deployments.

Add a proxy server rule alias

This is a simple one.  If you want to create a simple reverse proxy to a single back-end server, we've created an alias for the existing load-balanced-proxy() handler called just proxy which accepts a single host with less verbosity.

proxy( 'http://localhost:8085' )

Read more here:

Specify Package and Server scripts as an array

You're already familiar with specifying package scripts and server scripts in your box.json and server.json as a string containing one or more commands.  Instead of using && for multiple commands, you can also do this by specifying an array of strings instead of a string like so:

  "name" : "My Package",
  "scripts" : {
      "build" : [
          "!grunt build",
          "testbox run",
          "run-script generateAPIDocs",
          "bump --patch && publish"

This can be much more readable for multiple commands.  Note, this is functionality equivalent to using &&, which means any erroring command will stop execution.

Read more here:

ColdBox, TestBox and ContentBox commands are now modules

CommandBox still bundles helpful scaffolding commands for your favorite MVC framework Testing framework, and CMS, but these commands are no longer part of the core CommandBox source code.  We've given them new life as independent modules.  They are installed by default, but they now have their own lifecycle and can get releases at any time.  You can view and update them with the rest of your system modules.

list --system
update --system

Read more here:

Adobe CF Script Alias

CommandBox adds a /cf_scripts/scripts alias for you any time you start an Adobe CF server.  This alias points to the same folders in the root of the Adobe WAR.  If you set a custom scripts src path in the CF administrator then you'll want to ensure CommandBox uses the expected alias.  There is now a setting called web.adobeScriptsAlias which allows you to control the public, web-accessible path to the scripts folder that CommandBox creates for you.  And better yet, if you're using CFConfig, will automatically update the Adobe script source setting to match and vice versa.

Read more here:

CommandBox Pro Config settings auto-sync

As a perk of CommandBox pro, once you log into the CLI with your ForgeBox Pro account, your config settings will now automatically sync to and from ForgeBox.  This is a great way to keep multiple CLI instances across computers up to date.  

Read more here:


CommandBox 6 should be very backwards compatible with previous versions of CommandBox.  The incompatibilities we're aware of are

  • If you want to use a custom Tuckey rewrite XML file, you'll need to bypass the new web server, setting the servletPassPredicate to true, but even then Tuckey rewrites, which are old, deprecated abandonware, are tied to the servlet, and therefore cannot be used for a multi-site server to provide different rewrites per site. 
  • A backwards compat that's been in since CommandBox 5.3 has been removed which allowed relative web server aliases to be specified relative to the web root.  Now they need to be relative to the actual location of the JSON file, like all other relative paths.

Release Notes

Here are the full release notes for CommandBox 6.0.0


COMMANDBOX-1590Some server.json config options unavailable as environment variables

COMMANDBOX-1598Runwar doesn't load servlet filter mappings correct in web.xml override

COMMANDBOX-1604 semantic version parsing ignores part of pre-release IDs with hyphen

COMMANDBOX-1608 Stackoverflow when using serverinfo system setting expansion in a server script

COMMANDBOX-1613 Lucee Light Engine

COMMANDBOX-1615 Installing package crashes when PackageService cannot delete tmp folder

New Feature

COMMANDBOX-1589 Add a `proxy` server rule alias to `load-balanced-proxy` which takes in one item instead of an array.

COMMANDBOX-1592 Add Rewrite Map feature similar to Apache

COMMANDBOX-1593 Multi-Site mode

COMMANDBOX-1611 CommandBox Pro users get config auto sync


COMMANDBOX-1477 box install <package>: constrain to version already defined in box.json

COMMANDBOX-1572 Publish command directly upload to S3

COMMANDBOX-1591 Allow the scripts key under the server.json and box.json to use an array of scripts to run under the same script key name

COMMANDBOX-1594 XML formatting in print helper can kick in a bad time

COMMANDBOX-1595 Allow control over undertow' s transferMinSize

COMMANDBOX-1599Provide way to escape literal colon (:) command parameter name

COMMANDBOX-1600Remove contentbox, coldbox, etc modules from the core

COMMANDBOX-1603Customize Adobe cf scripts alias


COMMANDBOX-1609Update bundled JRE to 11.0.22+7

COMMANDBOX-1610Update to Lucee

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