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ColdBox 2.0.0 Beta Build 493: This one is for BlueDragon fans!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, Ladies and Gentleman, another beta roundup. This beta includes FULL BlueDragon Support as of version 6.2.X So all you BlueDragon users and fans, this one is for you!! You can take a look at the following link for some know issues which have to do with external apps out of my control: ColdBox System Requirements I also changed the registration mechanisms to a more java oriented recursion and it works great. A few fixes also to some sample applications and more documentation. Ohh, it also includes the OpenSearch plugin and a new ColdBox Wallpaper. So enjoy this beta. Also as a tease, the next beta will include the ColdBox Dashboard (FINALLY!!) Well, it takes time, so give me a break. I am porting it to JQuery, so that is why it takes so long. Anyways, Click here to get this beta Enjoy this beta and leave your comments and suggestions here or in the forums. Also, the guides in the documentation get updated daily until the 2.0.0 final release. And by the way, there are over 100 pages of documentation on the wiki as of today. Wow!! I do like documentation!! Viva la Documentacion!! God Bless.

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ColdBox 2.0.0 RC 1 Now Available.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, we are almost there. I am releasing today the release candidate 1 of ColdBox 2.0.0. You can get the bits from by clicking here This new build includes the following: 1. Complex Settings via the config.xml. You can now declare arrays and structures inline using {} and [] notation. Ticket Here | Config Guide 2. ColdBox Cache Monitor: For all you geeks, this cache monitor will render the performance of your cache and create a monitor that you can have open alongside your application so you can view its state and event get metdata reports about the objects in cache. URL Actions Guide

Cache Monitor

Cache Monitor Alongside Application

3. Multiple fixes and updates 4. Dashboard updates. 5. Cache Settings Override via the config.xml. You can now override the framework-wide settings in your applications. 6. Much more fixes and cleanup. You can see all of the updates and tickets Clicking Here. Enjoy this release as the final version will be coming soon.

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ColdBox 2.0.0 Final Release is here, Come and Get it!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, ladies and gentleman, after several months of hard work, 2.0.0 release is here. It has so many features, fixes and stability it will blow your mind. This is also the first release to include the newly enhanced ColdBox Dashboard Application (Separate License) that is a companion application to the framework. [Please read the FAQ for more information]. Below I describe all the changes for this release, and thank to GOD for helping me get this release in time.

Changelog for 2.0.0

Below I describe some of the major changes for this release. However, you can go to the Milestone Page at the trac site to get a full listing of the 56 issues that were solved for this release. - Over 120 pages of documentation and growing are now available via the Trac site with tons of examples, guides, and external tutorials. - Framework License change to Apache 2 - Dashboard Application 2.0.0 included, it is a separate entity and does not encompass the Apache 2 license. It is a separate license and the application is provided in compiled form. - New RequestContext bus. This is in order to enable caching and encapsulation of the request collection. Please see the compatibility guide. Your 1.1.0 and below code will have to be modified slightly to accommodate this. All event handler methods receive the requestContext bus object as an argument called 'event'.The object is also called 'event',for the layouts/views. Addition of new Application Settings: - ReinitPassword: used to protect the fwreinit flag. - onInvalidEvent: write the event to execute when an invalid event is detected. - HandlerCaching: The framework will now cache your event handlers in the coldbox cache. - IOCFramework: You can now declare which framework you are using: coldspring or lightwire. - IOCDefinitionFile: Here is where you declare the configuration file to load onAppInit in conjunction with the IOCFramework declared. - IOCObjectCaching: The ability to cache via the IoC Plugin the objects created by the IoC frameworks. - AppMapping setting is now optional, coldbox detects its paths. - Addition of Complex Settings for Arrays and Structures with simple syntax. - Addition of datasource aliases. Core Framework - Addition of two new implicit methods for execution within event handlers: preHandler and postHandler. - Addition of a 'getHash()' method to handlers and plugins. This retrieves the unique UUID of the created instance. ColdBox OCM (Object Cache Manager) A facility for in-memory caching. This facility caches your event handlers, plugins, custom plugins and anything you want. Look at API for usage. The framework has a reap frequency in which once every cycle,the framework will remove objects from the cache that have expired. This way, reaping is not performed on every request. A great way to balance cache access and reaping. - Metadata settings for caching for custom plugins and handlers via the cfcomponent tag: The cachetimeout is in minutes. The cache flag is by default set to true if not set. So if you do not set it explicitly to false, the framework will cache it at the default framework's timeout. Cache settings override via config.xml.cfm, please see wiki config guide. Plugins - Beanfactory.cfc - Addition of the populateBean method. It can now populate a named or instantiated bean from the request collection. Great for setting a bean with form data. It follows the bean contract, thanks to Sanah Ullah. Great for Transfer Object population. - FileUtilities.cfc - new methods: getJVMFreeMemory(), getJVMTotalMemory(), isCFUUID() - IOC.cfc - Added Inversion Of Control support via coldspring or lightwire. Coldspring is the only one supported now. Lightwire will be added in the next version. (Peter, please help with lightwire??) - sessionstorage.cfc - New facade plugin to use session scope for permanent values - renderer.cfc: renderExternalview(). Will render an external view. Any type of view: js,gif,etc. - queryHelper.cfc - New plugin to help you sort and filter queries. - timer.cfc - New plugin to help you time your code. New argument to plugin factory: NewInstance it will create a new instance of the specified plugin. New Debugging Panel - The new debugging panel now includes the cache panel and monitor for monitoring AJAX Applications. This will blow your mind. Handler Packages - The framework now supports multi-package handler layout. you can now define packages for all your handlers due to ColdBox's new event registration system. Miscellaneous - The framework now supports for compiled code execution. Event multi-package compiled layouts. - New eclipse snippets. - Refactoring and code optimization. - New ANT scripts for creating new applications and more. - Addition of the framework pre-compiled: compiled_system. You now have a pre-compiled source for the framework.

Well, I believe this is a major major release and not all the little changes are here, for that check the Trac site. I hope you enjoy it, please send me your feedback via the usual channels and help support this project with your donations. Luis

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ColdBox 2.0.0 Linux Fix Updated

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


A small typo on my part would make some case sensitive OS's caput on the requestService due to my mispelling of the "requestContext" I had typed "RequestContext", anyways, the zip has been updated with this small correction. Please download if you are getting weird behavior on case sensitive OS's. Sorry for the inconvenience. Luis off to Cf.Objective()

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ColdBox 2.0.1, Dashboard 2.1.0 Released and much more!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Welcome to another wonderful release day. This day marks a milestone in ColdBox development as I deploy the new deployment formats and two separate products: ColdBox ColdFusion Framework and ColdBox Dashboard. They are now two separate products with separate licenses and development timelines. So enjoy these new versions!! Before the news and release notes I want to thank God for his wisdom in yet another action packed release and for giving me the projects to help the ColdFusion community. And now the news:

Brian LeGros Joins the ColdBox Team

I met Brian last year in Florida and met him again at CF Objective this year. We went over the entire roadmap of ColdBox and he decided to dedicate development time to the framework and has already come up with some exciting new features for the framework. He has over 7 years experience with ColdFusion and assorted web-based technologies, employed by Central Florida Investments as a Technical Lead for the Web Development Team and has a degree from the University of Central Florida, BS in Computer Science. His Java and OO experience will bring new methodologies and technology to this framework. So please welcome Brian to this community effort.

ColdBox 2.0.1

Welcome to another release of the ColdBox framework. Below you will see a summary of all the fixes and new features this release now holds. Updates and Enhancements * All guides updated with new content and strategies. * New Guides: Plugins Guide, Refactoring Guide * RequestContext/Event Debugger Monitor : You can now see snapshots of the request context as it traverses executed events. Great for debugging changes in the request context. You can now monitor EVERYTHING! * Custom Conventions : You can now choose your own application layout conventions. YES SIR!! Choose your own conventions and easily update them using the new ColdBox Dashboard. * Modified Application Template, more generation via ANT, unit tests and consolidations. Yes, you heard me right, you can now do Unit Tests on Event Handlers!! * Addition of Cache Object Expiration Dates to debugger, you can now see when objects will expire. * Added Memento's to ColdBox Bean Objects * Custom Exception Template Included in application template. WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER * Config Override Variable - Choose your own config file from within the index.cfm. You can now choose to load any coldbox configuration file for your application. You can do multi-tiered configurations files and load them as needed. WOW!! Fixes * Fixes for case sensitive OS's * Timer Plugin extends fix. * Cache Panel Monitor Not opening div Fix * Samples gallery changelocale context fix * Coldboxreader - ehUser.doLogin, context not found Fix * Config.xsd - Change xs:sequence to xs:all * XMLParser fails on file read for CFMX 6.XX * Logger Plugin - init method fails if using as a new instance - check for coldboxlogslocation var * beanFactory - not properly executing MIXIN or injected UDF's on CFC * Debugger Panel CSS and HTML Cleanup * Cache locking timeouts increased to 30 seconds * Debugger fails when request.debugTimers is not set * Critical Error when using Cache JVM Thresholds - 500 Error * MS Sql 200 scripts for coldboxreader failed * Galleon Admin Sample - Paging is invalid * Login sample App Updated * Refactor.xml - Errors on absolute prefixes. * Bug Report/Debugger enhance to use request Context Methods * Transfer Sample, MSSQL script is invalid * Timer Fix - Initial testing logic for determining application in debug mode. As you can see, action packed!! And now to a new generation of ColdBox IDE.

ColdBox Dashboard 2.1.0

The new dashboard has several internal fixes and the following enhancements: * Framework Conventions: You can now change your application layout conventions right from the dashboard. * Application Generator: Introducing the basis of RAD for ColdBox applications. You now have an application generator that will generate your basic application with several customizable features and even UNIT TESTS!!

App Generator

Well, this wraps up another release day. Stay tuned as there are tons of more upcoming releases and plans for The Premier ColdFusion Framework, ColdBox!!


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ColdBox 2.0.2 now out!! Come and get it!! Tons of new stuff.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, yet another ColdBox release!! This one is an exciting one as we approach the 2.1.0 release. More unit testing capabilities, less restrictions, more fixes and more great stuff. This release thanks to God's grace on permitting me do thing I though I could not do. So here is the list of fixes, features and updates. Ohh by the way, a whole new Dashboard is also release, version 2.2.0 with full Railo support, more application generation capabilities, BlueDragon 7 support, and more.

ColdBox 2.0.2

* Full Railo 2.0 Support * Full BlueDragon 7 support * Application Template updated with new Unit Testing Suites, and new base unit test handler. * New and Updated Eclipse Snippets with unit test skeletons. * Docs updated to reflect changes * Discovery of CFML engine and version and store in ColdBoxSettings * BlueDragon 7 Charting - Enable for OCM * Samples Gallery updated with i18n Fixes. * Logger plugin compliance to coldfusion 8 eclipse plugins. * Customizable event variable name via config.xml, no more only 'event' you can now choose your own. * ExceptionService - if custom bug report fails, error calling exception handler Fixed. * Unit Testing Controller, Base Test And Test Suites,You can even use the setnextevent method now. * Request Context - New Methods for DefaultLayout, DefaultView, and ViewLayouts * BugReport use new event methods for reporting. * Default View Setting alongside Default Layout, you can now also choose a default view. * IncludeUDF() method for handlers/Plugins - You can now programmatically mix-in methods into any handler and plugin. Advanced OO features. * Critical Fix for Concurrency issue on config reloads * Concurrency locks for OCM - friendlier locks * ColdSpring ColdBox Proxy Factory: ColdboxFactory.cfc, you can now use this factory in your coldspring declarations to get a reference to the current running coldbox controller, instantiate plugins, and configuration beans. * setnextEvent - proxy updates to grab the last part of the cgi script_name Fix * ColdBox OCM - expireAll() new method, will expire all objects in the cache. * Code optimization and cleanup. * Now includes a cheat sheet. As you can see, action-packed like always.

Dashboard 2.2.0

* New Application generator, with unit test suites, event names and much more. * Railo support finalized, will be released later as a railo archive. * Cosmetic additions * Cleanup and optimization.

As always, thank you for your support. Please support open source. You can download the bits from the Downloads location.

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ColdBox CFEclipse Dictionary & Insight. Happy 4th of July

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Happy 4th of July!! And to commemorate this great holiday, why not have a surprise features. Yes, CFEclipse tag insight, function and scope insight for ColdBox. You can now have insight into the major scopes of ColdBox like event, rc, controller and also all the methods that are used in event handlers, plugins, layouts and views. WOW!! A handy way of coding, and much much faster.

Event Insight

Is this awesome or what!! This will help your development as you can see the latest syntax for the major components of ColdBox. All you need to do, is download the dictionary and follow the instructions found at

Event Insight

That is it, you will now have function and scope insight right from CFEclipse. I HAVE UPDATED THE DISTRIBUTION ZIP FILE TO INCLUDE THE CFECLIPSE DICTIONARY

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ColdBox 2.0.3 & Dashboard 2.2.1 now available!!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well, we have done it again, version 2.0.3 of The ColdBox Framework is now out and can be downloaded here. and we have a new logo: This release is the first one to include contributed content from Rob Gonda, Tom de Manincor, Brian LeGros, Sana Ullah and Aaron Roberson. The ColdBox Team and contributors are growing. The following is a list of what this release is composed of:

  • Documentation updated and more guides
  • New Sample Apps: Lightwire Sample and CCTApp by Tom de Manincor & Rob Gonda
  • #169 Structure variable declarations in the config updated, you can now also use = and : when declaring complex variables.
  • #178 LightWire is now fully supported and included with ColdBox for out of the box IOC. You can now develop your applications using a dependency injection framework right out of the box. Thanks to Aaron Roberson & Peter bell for contributing this key feature
  • #200 queryHelper new methods: getColumnArray(), getCountDistinct(), getRowNumber() thanks to Sana Ullah
  • #205 Critical Concurrency fix in the coldbox.cfm template.
  • #206 Removal of client variable references.
  • #207 clientstorage plugin syntax updated
  • #208 sessionstorage plugin syntax updated
  • #209 ColdBoxFactory.cfc updated with new method - getColdboxOCM(). To get a reference to the cache manager
    from within coldspring.
  • #210 Samples Gallery Content Updated.
  • #211 Var scoping optimizations
  • #212 Illidium Scaffolding Templates
  • #213 Configuration file now named: coldbox.xml.cfm or config.xml.cfm
  • #214 Testcontroller - When unit testing relocations, the setnext event will now save the event and querystring
    in the request collection for assertions.
  • #215 Significant Performance Optimizations, you thought ColdBox was fast, well now you will fly!! If you are running ColdFusion 8, the performance boost is SUBSTANTIAL
  • #217 Eclipse Dictionaries and snippets Updated
  • #218 ColdBox Cheat Sheet Updated
  • #219 Samples with JQuery updated to
  • #220 rc scope can now be found natively in all layouts and views. No need to declare it. This does not apply to handler/plugins.
  • #221 Logger plugin has been optimized and its 50% faster. You can also define the maximum number
    of archives to keep in the rotation, you can configure it via the settings.xml
  • ColdBox Dashboard 2.2.1 is also now included to take care of all setting updates.

For a more in depth overview, look at the Trac Site So enjoy this release. The ColdBox website is also being renovated and will be launched soon. Development is now strong for version 2.1.0 and we have some extraordinary features coming your way. So please show your support and God Bless.

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ColdBox 2.5.0 Beta 1 is now available!!

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


Well ladies and gentleman, a new era of ColdBox is here and its called ColdBox 2.5.0 : Romans 8:32

This is a major step forwards for ColdBox and I am proud now to announce all the new features (some are left out for beta 2, hush hush). The new Dashboard is still in construction and not included in this beta. The sample applications are unfinished also, but 2.5.0 compliant.

Here are two new guides and the documentation will start its updating cycle starting today:

Compatibility Guide:

New Interceptors Guide:

New Request Context Decorators Guide:


You can find the download in the forums.



Fixes, Updates and New Features for 2.5.0 : Romans 8:32

- #135 Application.cfc Support, Application.cfm + index.cfm combo still supported but will be deprecated by the 2.7 version. Please update your apps to use the included Application.cfc.

- #163 Project Interceptors : You can now intercept calls in over 12 execution points of a user request,

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ColdBox 2.5.0 RC 1 updated, please download fix.

Luis Majano
Oct 15, 2008


I have just updated three critical fixes on the RC1 bits that I forgot to include in my script and on my tests. The fixes encompasses the following: 1) Applications running off a root where not registering the handlers property. This has been solved. 2) The multi-threaded logger for coldfusion 8 and bluedragon 7 has been updated with the correct attributes that where missing. 3) The multi-threaded cache manager for coldfusion 8 and bluedragon7 has been updated with the correct attributes that where missing. That's it folks, sorry for the excitement. Please give the download a try again. These errors where reported by Sana Ullah, so thanks so much Sana!! You are always helping out and making ColdBox better. Enjoy and God Bless. Download from here

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