We are pleased to announce the release of CommandBox 5.0.0.  This is a major release of our CLI package manager, REPL, and server tool. In this version are many library updates, new features, and bug fixes.  All in all, there were 77 tickets closed for this release.

New Stuff

We released the 5.0.0-RC.1 release candidate for testing on Feb 14th and only found a couple small issues, so overall the 5.0.0 final release is the same as what was documented on this post for the RC


Please refer there for a full list of the major changes and features.  

  • Java 11+ support
  • Lucee 5.3 and JBoss Undertow 2.x
  • Git access token support
  • Lucee Extension management
  • Faster server startup scripts for warming up Docker containers
  • File globbing improvements
  • New server tray menu options
  • New undertow configuration options

Acquire It

You can download CommandBox 5.0.0 from our download page, apt/yum repos, or HomeBrew for you Mac users.

Our docs are fully updated and can be found here:


And, as always, if you find any issues, you can reach out to us here on our ticket tracker: