Hi everyone, great news! Ortus is rolling out our new Ortus Community site to help consolidate all of our community support and interaction. As part of that effort, all our Google Group threads have been imported to the new Ortus Community and effective immediately, our Google Groups are closed for further posting.

If you're a member of our Google groups, don't worry-- your user has already been imported into the community forum and as soon as you sign up, you will be automatically associated with all of your old posts so you can pick up your conversations right where you left off! We've even added single sign on options for Github, Facebook, Google, and Twitter (coming soon). If your new account is under a different E-mail address, let us know and we can merge your accounts together.

If you're new to Discourse, you can read an overview of how the forum software works here https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-new-user-guide/96331

So please head over to the new Ortus Community site and try it out. We're super excited about it and will be using it as a hub for all our community interactions. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to us on Slack or Twitter.