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Cachebox Monitor Skin Contest, win $75 Amazon gift card

Luis Majano |  October 04, 2010

Our CacheBox 1.1 release is coming real soon and we have now completed our standalone CacheBox monitors so you can monitor the cache by using our custom tags. Not only have we created this reporting engine, but it is skinnable and today we are announcing a contest sponsored by our mothership company, Ortus Solutions. So here are the rules:


Importance of Var Scoping

Luis Majano |  September 24, 2010
I can honestly say that there are always requests on the ColdBox lists or work that say, "Hey the application is taking my server memory, why does ColdBox do that!".  First of all, the ColdBox platform when placed in memory is less than 1kb of memory.  The rest that gets loaded into an application is because of your application code.  Second, the biggest culprit is the misuse or the not using of var scoped variables in event handlers or doma...
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Two new coldbox sample apps: SimpleBlog - SimpleCrud

Luis Majano |  September 07, 2010

I just wanted to mention that we have added two new sample applications to our ColdBox Samples. Our samples are distributed in our ColdBox bundle download and can also be downloaded from our github repo. So what are these applications:

Simple Crud

SimpleCrud is a very simple CRUD style application that leverages ColdBox MVC at its basic...

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ColdBox migrations to github

Luis Majano |  August 24, 2010

After several months of planning I am starting to slowly move all of our open source coldbox related repositories to github.  This does not mean we are moving from Assembla, it means our source code is moving.  Github is great for social coding and collaboration that every open source project needs.  Not only that, git is really really fun to use than SVN and I am really digging it, especially for open source work.

Not everything yet is moved, b...

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ColdBox Kindle Book in the UK

Luis Majano |  August 22, 2010

Just a reminder that the ColdBox Book is ...

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ColdBox Job Opening

Luis Majano |  August 21, 2010

My friend Brett send me a request for a job posting and it has been added to the ColdBox Jobs section but I am also posting it here (

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New ColdBox Training Testimonial: George Murphy

Luis Majano |  August 16, 2010
I just got a video testimonial by my friend George Murphy.  Thanks George for sending it in!

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ColdFusion powered iPhone applications

Luis Majano |  August 04, 2010
Another video we have just added to the vimeo ColdBox Platform channel.  Here is our presentation at CFUnited2010 about building mobile applications such as iPhone or Android native applications by powering them with ColdFusion/ColdBox RESTful services.  Enjoy!
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ColdBox Platform 3.0.0 video at CFUnited

Luis Majano |  August 04, 2010
We have started posting our videos in our new vimeo ColdBox Platform channel so you can enjoy lots of new videos coming.  Here is our presentation at CFUnited2010 about the ColdBox Platform 3.0.0
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