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Using Custom Interception Points in ColdBox

Curt Gratz |  December 02, 2010

This is a brief tutorial on how to use custom interception points in ColdBox.  It shows what I think is a nice use case and hopefully will inspire you get your own creative juices flowing.

ColdBox Custom Interception Points - How To from Curt Gratz on Vimeo.

Again, think outside the box, be creative, and let your development flow.  I would love to hear other creative ways ColdBox users are using custom interception points, so if you use them and can share, leave a comment.

If you having trouble viewing the code on the embedded version, click the HD link and it will be much clearer.

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ColdBox Book in Google Books!

Luis Majano |  October 18, 2010
Just a quick news flash that our ColdBox Book: The Definitive Guide to the ColdBox Platform has hit Google Books now!  You can fully do searches on it and preview it at your leisure!  Well, and of course support us and buy it!