Luis Majano

September 07, 2010

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I just wanted to mention that we have added two new sample applications to our ColdBox Samples. Our samples are distributed in our ColdBox bundle download and can also be downloaded from our github repo. So what are these applications:

Simple Crud

SimpleCrud is a very simple CRUD style application that leverages ColdBox MVC at its basics.  It includes a very simple service layer that is in charge of the SQL operations and a very simple interface.  This application also challenges the user to finish the application by adding the edit parts.  If you are new to ColdBox and MVC separation of concerns, this is the app for you.


SimpleBlog is now a 5 step application that starts the user in an experience of how this application got built.  Our last installment is part 5.  Part 5 leverages ColdFusion 9 ORM, ColdBox entity services, ColdBox entity dependency injectors, RSS feeds, avatars, custom plugins, etc.  It is a full fledged simple blog that can be taken to the next level, who knows, BlogBox might emerge from it?

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Mar 14, 2012 18:06:58 UTC

by p bali

Hi Luis, I tried running the 'Simple Blog' application (in ColdBox3.1 bundle) after making the necessary installation changes. However, it throws an error - "The config.xml file does not validate with the framework's schema.". I tried to run the app using CB5 beta version, and got this error - "Config file not located in conventions: config.Coldbox" I'm relatively new to CB, but believe that the error might be because CB is actually looking for config\coldbox.cfc (the new way of defining structs), while the sample app uses coldbox.xml.cfm (the old way). I was planning on fixing the config file myself, but would be helpful if a fix is already available. Please advise.

Sep 19, 2012 06:04:04 UTC

by Thomas Konzett

possible to re-up or correct the link to the screenshots in this post?

Feb 16, 2017 05:30:42 UTC

by Chris Leake

Hello Luis, Well, I'm certainly new to ColdBox, if not to MVC (CodeIgniter, Symfony 1.4, and some Laravel5). I've loaded SimpleCrudWithREST into the devbox above. It works fine accessing the list and add functions in /handlers/Contacts.cfc, but the moment I attempt to execute one of the REST functions in /handlers/rest/Contacts.cfc (for instance: Hello via REST) I get the following error: Oopsy! Something went wrong! Event: rest.contacts.hello Routed URL: api/hello/ Layout: N/A (Module: ) View: N/A Timestamp: 02/16/2017 10:50:13 AM Type: HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException Messages: The event: rest.contacts.hello is not valid registered event. This is in response to the url,, generated in So first level Contacts.cfc component in /handlers works (I can also add successfully), but the next level /handlers/rest/Contacts.cfc remains 'unregistered', whatever that actually means. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Kind regards, Chris Leake

Feb 16, 2017 09:31:07 UTC

by Luis Majano

Hi Chris, Thank you for reporting this, do you mind creating a ticket for it in the repository: We need to start updating and moving them out into their own repos soon. Thanks

Feb 16, 2017 09:32:24 UTC

by Chris Leake

Hello Luis, It looks like my particular setup for some reason needs, in rest/Contacts.cfc: component extends="coldbox.system.EventHandler"{ Now it's hoopie. Cheers. Kind regards, Chris Leake

Feb 16, 2017 14:26:32 UTC

by Chris Leake

Hello Luis, I wasn't content with my solution. Looking more carefully at my environment I saw that I had created a directory called helloworld, which was a copy of one of the coldbox-sample applications. No doubt this confused the life out of ColdBox when it tried to register Event Handlers. I've removed said directory, and now I do not have to explicitly state that /handlers/rest/Contacts.cfc extends coldbox.system.EventHandler. Not quite sure what the moral of my little story is. Shame I've yet to learn about the debugging tools, or I might have spotted it earlier. Kind regards, Chris Leake

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