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A New Template Approaches: Quick with Auth!

Eric Peterson |  August 16, 2019

You know what's tedious? Authentication. Every project I start needs some sort of authentication system. And every project I start basically from scratch.

I noticed this pattern a while ago and created some libraries to help. You may have used them before.

cbauth is a library that handles creating user sessions for you app while giving enough customization to use different authentication methods and session storages....

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REST2016 - Versioning Your ColdBox REST API with Modules (Runnable Example)

Brad Wood |  March 09, 2016

In our ColdBox RESTFul RoadShow this month, we've been talking about why ColdBox is the fastest and easiest ways to build a robust REST API in CFML.  One of the very powerful features of the ColdBox MVC Platform is that you can use modules to break your apps and APIs up into management chunks  instead of building a monolith.  Modules also let you decouple pieces of your application so multiple teams can work on different parts.  And with the power of CommandBox's CLI and package manager to assemble your app's dependencies, you can even store modules in a completely separate code repository!   This is exactly what we're going to demo today.

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Coldbox Legacy App Demo

Brad Wood |  January 18, 2016

There are a lot of people out there in the CFML world managing legacy codebases.  Some of them use frameworks that are no longer maintained, and many  use no framework at all.  A common question that I get is whether an app can be slowly converted over to  ColdBox without having to rewrite everything at once.  The answer is YES!  ColdBox will comfortably live alongside your legacy code, giving you the chance to slowly convert it over as you get the chance.  

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Converting Fusebox 5.1 Sample App to ColdBox MVC - Part 2

Brad Wood |  August 12, 2014

This is the second half of our two-part conversion of a FuseBox 5.1 sample app to ColdBox MVC.  If you haven't been following our blog series on converting your legacy FuseBox apps over to ColdBox MVC you may want to back up and read the

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Converting Fusebox 5.1 Sample App to ColdBox MVC

Brad Wood |  August 05, 2014

Welcome back to our blog series on converting your legacy FuseBox apps over to ColdBox MVC.  In our

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Converting Fusebox 3 Sample App to ColdBox MVC

Brad Wood |  July 14, 2014

In our last installment, we talked about the benefits of converting legacy FuseBox applications over to ColdBox MVC.  In this entry we'll actually convert the Fusebox 3 sample app available from to show you the similiarities and differences between the two frameworks.  


Here's a screenshot of the files in the Fusebox and ColdBox code side-by-side. Both are pretty self-explanatory, so we'll work our way through the contents of each file as we go.

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Converting Fusebox to ColdBox MVC

Brad Wood |  July 03, 2014

Fusebox is one of the oldest frameworks for ColdFusion.  My first real ColdFusion job was working on a large intranet site built upon Fusebox.  The framework has changed hands several times and though it has now gone cold in terms of new development but it is still used by 1 in 3 ColdFusion developers according to the State of the CF Union survey results from 2014.  

Party like it's 1999

There's a lot of legacy code out there still running on FuseBox, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way.  The Internet has moved on to design patterns like MVC and more-object oriented approaches for code reuse and testing.   The thought of reworking your old codebase might seem scary, especially if you're not familiar with MVC and you aren't using any OO principles.  Don't despair though, it's often times better to make incremental improvements to code instead of trying to throw it out and rewrite it from scratch.  The old adage says, how do you eat an elephant? "One bite at a time!"

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RIACON ColdBox Platform Presso and Code

Luis Majano |  August 07, 2011
Here is the presentation in PDF format and also the source code of the demo we did today at RIACON here in Washington, DC.  What a great conference and privilege to be part of this first conference.  I really recommend it and hope to be back next year with more great content!  As you will see from the presentation, we also announced our new Blogging modular platform, BlogBox that will be available soon!

ColdBox Connection: The Developer ToolBox

Curt Gratz |  July 07, 2011

Todays ColdBox Connection topic was "The Developer ToolBox".  We discussed the various tools Luis and the team have made available to you the developer to make your life easier.  

You can access the recording at

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Installing ColdBox Sample Applications from GitHub

Curt Gratz |  October 01, 2010

This is a brief tutorial on how to install the ColdBox Sample Applications downloading from GitHub

Installing ColdBox Sample Applications from GitHub from Curt Gratz on Vimeo.

Again, all of the sample applications have been updated to ColdBox 3.0.0 standards including using the complete cfc configurations which makes them more portable and installing them easy. Hope you enjoy.

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