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Maria Jose Herrera June 28, 2024

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Maria Jose Herrera

June 28, 2024

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We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates and exciting developments from the world of BoxLang. This month, we're diving into the newest beta release, introducing a new podcast series, showcasing innovative integrations, and sharing insights from recent events. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, there's something here for everyone to explore and enjoy.

Dive into BoxLang 1.0.0-Beta 3 Updates!

We're excited to announce BoxLang 1.0.0-Beta 3, packed with new features and improvements! This beta introduces robust encryption, enhanced Java interoperability, and more efficient event handling. Key highlights include query caching capabilities, seamless coercion of Java SAM interfaces, and support for virtual thread executors. Explore these updates and start coding with BoxLang today.

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BoxLang Town Meetings: New Live Podcast Series!

Missed the First Episode of BoxLang Town Meetings?

Catch up on our new podcast series designed for developers, BoxLang Town Meetings!

What is BoxLang Town Meetings? Explore the latest updates, news, and insights about BoxLang, the innovative JVM programming language. Led by the creators themselves, this series dives into:

  • Community Engagement: Live Q&A sessions with BoxLang creators.
  • Latest Updates and News: Stay informed on BoxLang's newest developments.
  • Product Insights: Deep dives into BoxLang features and enhancements.
  • Expert Discussions: Learn best practices and tips from industry experts.

Watch the First Episode: If you missed it, watch the recording of our inaugural episode to discover more about BoxLang and its future.

Missed the Introduction of bx-jython in BoxLang?

Discover bx-jython, the latest enhancement to BoxLang, enabling seamless integration of Python into your scripts!

What is bx-jython? bx-jython empowers BoxLang with Python integration, offering:

  • Direct Python Execution: Use jythonEval(code) to embed Python snippets in BoxLang scripts. Need to print a message? Just use jythonEval("print('Hello, World!')").
  • Reuse Python Assets: Integrate existing Python libraries and modules with jythonEvalFile(path).
  • Create Python Components: Develop Python modules and classes that seamlessly work within BoxLang environments.
  • Templating with <bx:jython>: Embed Python code directly into BoxLang templates for streamlined templating.

Examples to Ignite Your Creativity: Explore practical demonstrations:

  • Simple Python Execution: Print messages with jythonEval().
  • Integrating Python Files: Call functions from separate Python files using jythonEvalFile().
  • Building Reusable Modules: Create Python modules within BoxLang and demonstrate their usage.
  • Templating with <bx:jython>: Craft templates with dynamic Python calculations and content.

Effortless Binding and Results: BoxLang seamlessly binds variables to the Python engine, enabling direct use within Python code. Each execution returns comprehensive results for advanced use cases.

Get Started with BoxLang and bx-jython: Explore bx-jython and BoxLang’s capabilities today. Read the full blog postto delve deeper into bx-jython and unleash the full potential of your scripting endeavors!

Join the BoxLang community and leverage the power of Python within your BoxLang scripts. Let’s innovate together with BoxLang and bx-jython!

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Explore BoxLang on Chromebooks: Your Guide to Effortless Development!

Why BoxLang for Chromebooks?

BoxLang on Chromebooks unlocks a host of benefits for students and developers alike:

  • Advanced Learning Opportunities:
    • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Learn and apply OOP principles fundamental to software development.
    • Functional Programming (FP): Explore FP constructs for innovative problem-solving.
    • Metadata Programming (MP): Dynamic MP capabilities enhance application flexibility.

  • Versatile Runtime Environment:
    • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Compatibility: Develop cross-platform applications leveraging Java’s rich ecosystem.

  • Dynamic and Loosely Typed Language:
    • Ease of Learning: Dynamic typing reduces the learning curve, perfect for beginners.
    • Flexibility: Loosely typed for rapid prototyping and creative experimentation.

  • Enhanced Development Experience:
    • Interactive Learning: Use REPL for instant feedback and hands-on coding experience.
    • IDE Support: Enjoy Chromebook-compatible IDEs for seamless development.

  • Cloud Integration and Collaboration:
    • Cloud-Based Development: Collaborate effortlessly on BoxLang projects.
    • Version Control: Integrate with Git platforms for real-world software development experience.

  • Real-World Application and Preparation:
    • Industry-Relevant Skills: Develop skills in a modern scripting language sought after in tech industries.
    • Versatility: Build small scripts to complex applications, preparing for diverse programming challenges.

  • Community and Support:
    • Active Learning Community: Contribute to BoxLang’s open-source projects and connect with developers globally.
    • Support Networks: Access forums and documentation for robust learning support.

Getting Started:

  1. Requirements: Chromebook with Linux Developer Environment enabled and JDK 21+.
  2. Set Up Linux Environment: Install Linux and essential tools via the terminal.
  3. Install Java and BoxLang: Install OpenJDK and BoxLang with simple commands.
  4. Setting Up VSCode: Install VSCode and the BoxLang extension for enhanced development.
  5. Your First BoxLang Project: Create and run a simple BoxLang file in VSCode.

Create Your First Application Today!

Transform your Chromebook into a powerhouse for development with BoxLang. Dive into our detailed guide to unleash the full potential of BoxLang on your Chromebook.

Join the BoxLang community and revolutionize your coding experience right from your Chromebook!

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Introducing BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda!

Explore our latest innovation in serverless computing with the BoxLang Runtime for AWS Lambda. This Open Beta release empowers developers to seamlessly deploy BoxLang functions within the AWS Lambda environment, leveraging its scalability and event-driven architecture.

Discover the key features, including a default Lambda handler for JSON inputs, customizable environment variables, and a ready-to-use Gradle template for streamlined development. Dive into our comprehensive guide to learn how to deploy, configure, and test BoxLang functions on AWS Lambda today.

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SD Times Interview: BoxLang – Revolutionizing JVM Languages

Discover the future of dynamic JVM languages with BoxLang, as discussed by Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions, in an exclusive interview with SD Times. BoxLang emerges as a modern, modular language designed to empower developers and break free from traditional constraints.

Explore the interview to learn why BoxLang was created, its superior extensibility and integration with core Java, and the revolutionary features that set it apart. Gain insights into its event-driven architecture, robust modularity, and the ecosystem supporting its rapid adoption.

Read the full interview to uncover how BoxLang is reshaping the landscape of JVM languages and empowering developers worldwide.

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What is BoxLang?

Curious about BoxLang? Dive into our comprehensive articles and join our live BoxLang sessions to discover what it is, its exciting features, and the latest updates and news.

BoxLang: A New JVM Language for Productivity and Modularity!

Recap of Luis Majano's Presentation at Open South Code 2024 in Málaga, Spain, on June 21st-22nd, 2024. Discover the future of multi-runtime development with BoxLang, the dynamic, modular, and productive new JVM language. Unveiled by Luis Majano at Open South Code 2024, BoxLang offers 100% interoperability with Java, seamless transition from CFML, and powerful IDE tools. Adaptable to various platforms, BoxLang merges modern features with traditional familiarity, setting a new standard in web development.

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Into the Box - Keynote Recap Day 1

Experience the full potential of BoxLang by watching our live keynote recording. Dive deep into the innovative features and capabilities that BoxLang brings to the table. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see BoxLang in action and understand how it can transform your workflow. Click below to start watching now!

Join the Community!

Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform and follow us on social media to stay updated. Turn on notifications so you don’t miss the live stream and future episodes.

Join us in exploring the future of web development with BoxLang. Unlock your potential and be part of the next giant leap in the JVM ecosystem!

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