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Cristobal Escobar June 21, 2024

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Cristobal Escobar

June 21, 2024

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CFCamp 2024 was a remarkable event for the ColdFusion and CFML community, and Ortus Solutions was proud to be a significant part of it. Here’s a detailed recap of our sessions and contributions at the event.

Keynote: Introducing BoxLang by Luis Majano

Our keynote session introduced BoxLang, a new modular dynamic language for the JVM. This language is designed to make development easier, more expressive, and more fluent. BoxLang, now in its beta version, is a professional open-source project based on the Apache 2 license. We emphasize our commitment to open source, offering BoxLang's open-source edition for creating and deploying commercial software at no cost. BoxLang is supported by Ortus Solutions in every aspect.

Ortus Sessions

Session 1: BoxLang - The Future is Dynamic by Brad Wood

BoxLang was showcased as the future of dynamic, multi-runtime development. This session highlighted how BoxLang allows developers to write code that adapts to various platforms, including web, tablets, APIs, and serverless applications. Key features of BoxLang include:

  • Dynamic and Modular: Prioritizes flexibility with seamless integration into existing ecosystems.
  • Interoperability with Java: Bridges traditional and modern development paradigms.
  • Multi-Runtime Support: Runs on numerous platforms, enhancing adaptability.
  • Modern and Familiar: Combines features from languages like CFML, Node, Ruby, Kotlin, Java, and Clojure.
  • Transpiler Support: Smooth transition from CFML to BoxLang.
  • IDE Tools: Powerful tools for an intuitive development experience.

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Session 2: CBDebugger - Debug Your Box Apps with Ease! by Luis Majano

This session delved into the ColdBox Debugger, a performance monitor and profiler for ColdBox applications. Highlights included:

  • Hyper Collector: Tracks Hyper HTTP/S requests effortlessly.
  • Lucee SQL Collector: Profiles SQL queries efficiently.
  • Heap Dump Support: Aids in debugging memory leaks.
  • Revamped Request Dock: Enhances SQL/JSON formatting and manual timer addition.

This talk was geared towards developers seeking to enhance their debugging skills and streamline their development process with ColdBox Debugger v4.2.0.

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Session 3: Revolutionizing Task Scheduling in CFML by Luis Majano

This session explored task scheduling within the ColdBox framework for any CFML application. Attendees learned how to create and manage scheduled tasks directly in their code, gaining new control and efficiency. The session included a look at a user-friendly dashboard for managing and monitoring tasks.

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Sessions on Ortus Solutions Products

Session 1: BoxLang vs the World by Kai Koenig

Kai Koenig's session compared BoxLang to established languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, and Java. He emphasized BoxLang's unique features and better tooling compared to existing CF platforms.

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Session 2: Strengthening Web Development with CommandBox 6 by Yogesh Mathur

Yogesh Mathur discussed CommandBox 6's capabilities for seamless website transition and efficient deployment across Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. This session highlighted CommandBox's history of innovation and its role in simplifying and optimizing web development processes.

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CFCamp 2024 was an exciting opportunity for Ortus Solutions to showcase our latest innovations and engage with the developer community. From introducing BoxLang to exploring advanced debugging and task scheduling techniques, our sessions provided valuable insights and practical knowledge to attendees. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and collaboration in the ColdFusion and CFML ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more updates and video recordings of the sessions!

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