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Module Lifecycles Explained

Luis Majano
Mar 29, 2011


In this short entry I just wanted to lay out a few new diagrams that explain the lifecycle of ColdBox modules.  As always, all our documentation reflects these changes as well.  This might help some of you developers getting ready to win that ColdBox Modules contest and get some cash and beer!

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ColdBox Connection Recording: ColdBox Modules

Luis Majano
Mar 24, 2011


Thanks for attending our 2nd ColdBox Connection webinar today!  This webinar focused on ColdBox modules, modularity and architecture.  Thanks go to Curt Gratz for presenting such excellent topic.  Here is the recording for the show and also please note that we will have another show March 3.0!
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ColdBox CF Builder Extension 1.4 Released

Luis Majano
Mar 07, 2010


We are glad to announce another release to our Adobe ColdFusion Builder Extension: ColdBox Platform Utilities.  This release focuses on updating the core engine with updates, fixes and the following features:

Version 1.4
- Updated Application template versions to meet ColdBox 3.0.0 standards
- Lots of syntax updates and fixes to internal core and utilities
- Compatiblity of generated content to ColdBox 3.0.0 standards
- Ability to generate coldbox modules

So now you can generate ColdBox modules, use the latest ColdBox 3.0.0 generation schemas and more.  Also, please note that the application templates included with the extension are fully customizable.  Not only that, you can package your own templates and use them seamlessly.  This update also packages the module template so you can tweak it to your needs.  As always, the full extension documentation can be found here:


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