Gavin Pickin

June 29, 2016

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Are you ready to check out the shiny new ContentBox 3? We've been working hard to jam everything we can into ContentBox 3,but if we added everything, we'd never release it... so we had to draw the line in the sand, and we're really happy with what we have put together. We had the opportunity to show a sneak peak to a few of your at our conference, Into the Box in MN in June. We'd love to show everyone what we have built, with this month long series of blog posts, and 5 free webinars, the first one, Friday July 1st 9am PST 11 Central, which is "What's New in ContentBox 3". I hope you can join us.

To keep up to date on the ContentBox 3 roadshow, I urge you to register ( for free ) through this link, and we'll remind you of the webinars, and give you lots of great information to keep you in the loop, from the comfort of your email client.

Live Webinar has past - view recording here

So what will be covering in this free webinar?

Big Release, Big Change in Architecture.
ContentBox 3 is built on top of ColdBox, and for those of you that didn't know, ColdBox 4 was a huge change to everything ColdBox, its lean and mean, and ready to go. Its modular construction cut the fat, and reduced 85% of the code in the core. ContentBox 3 is now running on ColdBox 4 and all the benefits are passed through.

Database Support
ContentBox has always been database friendly with lots of options, but with bigger enterprise customers using ContentBox, we decided to step up our database support, and now support 2 enterprise DBs, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Security is Serious
Security has always been important, but more now than ever, and we could not release ContentBox 3 without major updates to security.
We now offer BCrypt support for password encryption, to make cracking passwords harder than ever. We also implemented Password policies and we have built a Login Tracker and Account Lockout Module. Learn more in the webinar.

Enough is Enough
One of the biggest problems on the internet today, is out and out traffic overload. Of course, hardened hardware is the best approach to stop denial of service attacks, but we have given you some tools inside of ContentBox to help at the software level. You can now run your very own Rate Limiter.

SSL Support
SSL is so important, it needed to be listed in addition to security. We now give you the option to lock down the admin, the front end, or just specific pages with SSL. There is no excuse to not use SSL, with HTTP2, we should all be using SSL sooner than later.

ContentBox is reaching new customers in new countries, so internationalization is important. We have added support for 5 languages already, and the framework to add many more is now in place.

That's a lot, and I haven't even started talking about the front end or administrator updates.

  • Layouts and now Themes - we made them much more powerful and easy to use.
  • RESTFul Response Formats - ContentBox natively returns html, but now also natively returns json, XML, PDF and even word, with just a few characters added to the url.
  • Admin UI - Rebuilt from the ground up, responsive, spacious, and gets out of your way so you can be productive
  • Native Markdown Support - Write in markdown and watch the live preview updating in side by side panels
  • New Code Editor - including auto saving versioning and easy editor switching
  • Responsive Previews - From the Editor see how your page will look in Desktop, Tablet and Phone horizontal and verticals in seconds.
  • Real Admin Fullscreen mode- Simple, clean and LARGE
  • Content Feature Image - Natively select an image for your content, to be use right along your content, in the theme or layouts for smarter content display
  • Theme Settings Updates - you have theme setting groups now, for complex themes, and interception points so you can make your theme settings as powerful as you need.
  • Theme Modules - Now your theme can include modules and widgets to give them all the tools they need to rock your website.

Is it just me, or was that a lot of updates in ContentBox 3... I am sure I missed a few.

Join me on Friday, July 1st at 9am PST, 11am Central to see all of this, ask questions, and more.

Register today for this free webinar.

Live Webinar has past - view recording here

If you want to try ContentBox 3 before then? Here's a one liner with CommandBox

box install contentbox-be && box server start


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