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Bolt Talk: Luis Majano - ContentBox an Enterprise level content management system

Luis Majano
Jan 18, 2012


Thanks to Tim Cunningham for hosting me at one of his awesome Bolt Talks.  In this bolt talk we have a chat about our newest adventure: ContentBox!



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ContentBox Unveiling Video

Luis Majano
Jan 12, 2012


Here is the video of our presentation about the unveiling of ContentBox.  ContentBox is a modular content platform for ColdFusion that is based on the ColdBox platform.  It provides you with out of the box features like enterprise blog, cms, and more coming soon.  Based on a completely modular architecture, extending ContentBox is a matter of knowing about ColdBox and event driven programming.


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ContentBox Presentation Slides

Luis Majano
Jan 12, 2012
Thanks to the Houston ColdFusion User Group for hosting us last night and unveiling ContentBox for the first time.  Here are the slides of the presentation for you to enjoy and later on we will be posting the video presentation for all to enjoy.

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ContentBox at the Houston User Group

Luis Majano
Jan 05, 2012


Just a quick note that we will be showcasing ContentBox, our modular content platform for ColdFusion, at the Houston User Group next week.  So if you will be close by, please drop by as we will have a hands on workshop on how to install ContentBox and get it up and running.

For those of you who do not know what ContentBox is, here is a little insight.  ContentBox is our next major project here at Ortus Solutions, which is a highly modular content platform based on ColdBox architecture and modules.  It is a set of ColdBox modules that work in unison to provide you with blog, cms and development capabilities.  It is still in private alpha, but you can be part of it if you like by just requesting it:  The major difference than traditional blogs or cms, is that ContentBox is highly extensible via ColdBox features and event driven programming.  You can easily extend it and create other modules that function outside of ContentBox with their own DI, caching, SES, or extend the content as well. 

Hopefully, we will have an open beta soon!

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ColdBox Connection Recording: MVC + BlogBox

Luis Majano
Aug 18, 2011


We had a great presentation today by Tim Cunningham on the basics of MVC and ColdBox.  We also announced our private beta about BlogBox: A modular ColdFusion blogging and cms platform (more details to come).  So if you want to get a sneek peak into what's coming next, take a look at our recordings:

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