Gavin Pickin

December 14, 2022

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It's that time of year again. Trees are lit, presents are being wrapped, and relatives are coming to visit. That's right, it's time again for the 12 days of Christmas-- 2022 ITB Video Release Edition! 

Today, Day 5's Videos from Into the Box 2022 Conference, 3 sessions related to CommandBox, hidden gems, building modules for CommandBox and Securing CommandBox servers for Production.

For the next 12 business days up until Christmas, we'll be releasing a series of related videos each day on the CFCasts site for our Paid and Unpaid CFCasts Subscribers, and a announcement with titles, descriptions, and links to the videos, right here on the Ortus blog. Consider it our early Christmas gift to you.

We were planning on releasing the videos on Dec 24th, but we couldn't wait any longer.

Todays Videos

3 sessions related to CommandBox, hidden gems, building modules for CommandBox and Securing CommandBox servers for Production.

Brad Wood - CommandBox Hidden GemsTop Modules - FREE

CommandBox has a lot of features out of the box so to speak, but it can also be extended via a modular architecture. In this session, we'll cover the best features, and top modules you need to be using in order to increase your productivity and get the most out of CommandBox.

Abram Adams - Writing Command Line Utilities With CommandBox Modules

CommandBox has opened up a modern world for CFML, but there's power in this tool that exceeds simply spinning up a cfml engine on the fly, or running arbitrary code on the command line (which are two awesome features, btw.). Easily write CommandBox Modules to standardize build processes, or to wrap around complex operations, or to make silly games. In this session we'll see how easy it is to create a CommandBox command, how we can effortlessly leverage the built-in help system and how quickly we can spice things up by installing existing modules, all while we build a good ole choose your own adventure game. We'll then learn how to publish our CommandBox Module to the world! Sound fun? [Yes/No] :> Yes

Brad Wood - Securing and Tuning CommandBox Servers for production

It is common to protect pages on your site through your CF code that runs on every request. This does not protect static files like images, plus it can still expose extra surface area of your site for attack. CommandBox has a security system to block certain paths on your site at the web server level, so these requests never reach CF.

CommandBox has profiles you can assign to a server when you start it to configure the default settings. This is to provide easy secure-by-default setups for your production servers, and to make it easier to switch between a development mode and production mode.

Check out the ITB Recap here

All the video will be added to this Series

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