Gavin Pickin

December 16, 2022

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It's that time of year again. Trees are lit, presents are being wrapped, and relatives are coming to visit. That's right, it's time again for the 12 days of Christmas-- 2022 ITB Video Release Edition! 

Today, Day 7's Videos from Into the Box 2022 Conference, 4 sessions related to reactive UIs, which are reacted with CBWire, VueJS and AlpineJS.

For the next 12 business days up until Christmas, we'll be releasing a series of related videos each day on the CFCasts site for our Paid and Unpaid CFCasts Subscribers, and a announcement with titles, descriptions, and links to the videos, right here on the Ortus blog. Consider it our early Christmas gift to you.

We were planning on releasing the videos on Dec 24th, but we couldn't wait any longer.

Todays Videos

4 sessions related to reactive UIs, which are reacted with CBWire, VueJS and AlpineJS.

Grant Copley - Sublime Reactivity with CBWIRE

CBWIRE is a ColdBox module that makes building reactive, dynamic, and modern web applications a joy without leaving the comfort of CFML. Join us as we review how to add reactivity to your apps with almost no JavaScript, as well as look at the new features included in CBWIRE’s latest release.

Gavin Pickin - Alpine.js Declare and React

In this session we will introduce the power of Alpine.js as a modern, lightweight, declarative and reactive Javascript framework that can be embedded on any webpage without any need of webpack or complicated build processes.

John Farrar - Modernizing Your Vue Developer Skills

What has changed in Vue 3? We will talk about how Vite upped the game over WebPack, why Pinia is the update for Vuex, ViTest is the new testing standard, and why it’s time to add in tools like VueUse. Oh, don't forget to throw in TypeScript.

Gavin Pickin - Building a CFML API powered Quiz Game with VueJS and deployed with SPA and Android + more

In this session, we will be building on top of the Developer Feud Quiz Game REST API I built in Online CF Meetups and Adobe Developer Week which I hope we get to play at Happy Box. We will see how I built a New VueJS Quasar App for the Multiplayer Admin and Leaderboard side of the game. To finish, we will deploy to SPA and Android and Windows just because we can!

Check out the ITB Recap here

All the video will be added to this Series

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