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ITB 2017 - Every Speaker Will Offer an Unique Experience - Speaker Summary 1

Gavin Pickin
Apr 17, 2017


Every person speaking at the conference will bring something unique and special! ITB 2017 has a lot of great speakers. A conference is a lot of work, and we’re thankful for all of those helping us to bring ITB to everyone! Take some time to get to know our speakers by clicking on the links below! Here's our very first speaker summary!

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Into The Box 2017 is Offering Amazing Workshops

Gavin Pickin
Apr 13, 2017


Into The Box 2017 Workshops!

There are several different workshops happening this year! Here is a quick overview of them! Make sure you check out all the links and we hope you enjoy the experience of participating with us! Space is limited, and the workshops only have a couple of seats left each, so register today to save your spot! Until then happy programming!

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Thank you to all of our Into The Box Sponsors

Gavin Pickin
Apr 11, 2017


ITB 2017 Proud Sponsors!

Into The Box has been brought together by many different people! One of the most important parts, is our sponsors. ITB 2017 has a lot of great sponsors! A conference is a lot of work, and we’re thankful for all of those helping us to bring ITB to everyone. Make sure to check out all the blog links below to see who is all sponsoring this event as we want to thank each and every one of them for this years support!

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What Is Happening at Into The Box in April 2017 & How To Save Money

Gavin Pickin
Apr 06, 2017


Into The Box is coming soon! ITB 2017 has a great line up and some awesome discounts! A conference is a lot of work, and we’re thankful for all of those helping us to bring ITB to everyone. Below you can get a brief explanation of things that will be available at ITB and links to their original posts! We can't wait to see you there!

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Into the Box 2017 Schedule Released

Gavin Pickin
Feb 07, 2017


Logo Banner - Into the Box 2017 - Coldfusion and Java redefined

Ortus Solutions' very own conference, Into the Box conference, has expanded in 2017, from 1 day of conference content, to 2 days of conference content + 1 day of workshops. We are hosting Into The Box 2017 in Houston Texas in April. Wednesday the 26th has 5 great workshops, Thursay April 27th and Friday 28th is 2 full days of great conference sessions, with 2 tracks to choose from... over 30 sessions.

We are so excited to finally unveil the schedule lineup for our Into The Box conference.

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ContentBox 3 - Extending ContentBox 3 easily with Modules

Gavin Pickin
May 16, 2016


I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ContentBox 3.0 has been a massive project, with so many changes and features, its really exciting to be a part of it. The good news, the testing is almost all done, we're going to cut a final release very soon. This means I have a lot of great things to blog about, and if you want a front seat to a full tour, you need to make sure you are coming to Into The Box (Ortus Solution's very own 1 day 2 track conference), June 14, 2016, in Minneapolis University of St Thomas, MN. USA - the day before Dev.Objective().

Note: You should attend both of these Conference, they are great, and the Ortus Solutions and ColdBox team will be giving several presentations at Into The Box and Dev.Objective()). They are great learning & networking events, hope to see you all there.

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Win a FREE pass for Into The Box 2016 Conference

Luis Majano
Apr 27, 2016


Adobe Sponsors a FREE Conference PASS

Thanks to Adobe, we just announced a cool little developer contest and you can win a FREE pass to this year's Into The Box Conference - June 14th, 2016 in Minneapolis. Just check out the official Contest Entry, Code, and Win!

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Box Training this March 2016 in Houston

Luis Majano
Feb 10, 2016


We are so excited to bring our Training Bootcamp series to the Houston area this March from March 30 - April 1st, 2016.  This training series will be led by Box creator Luis Majano.  Whether you are an MVC expert or novice, this bootcamp will challenge you and refresh your skills to the latest ColdBox, CommandBox and TestBox versions.
The first 2 days of the course will focus on a quick start with CommandBox for CFML development and transitioning to ColdBox 4 MVC and Modular Development.  Day 3 will focus on one of the most feared topics for developers: TESTING!  We will demistify Behavior Driven Development and introduce the necessary tools to make you a testing ninja.


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Into The Box Conference Schedule Released!

Luis Majano
Feb 08, 2016



We are so excited to finally unveil the schedule lineup for our Into The Box technology conference.  We have over 15 speakers from around the world and over 20 sessions around technology, software craftsmanship and many of our Ortus products.  We are also excited to try a new format for our afternoon sessions we are calling: Tech Tasting Sessions.

Our tech tasting sessions will be 25-30 minutes sessions, back to back, culminating in our Happy Box event, where you will then have some nice food and drink tasting sessions.  We believe this format will allow attendees to get exposed to other technologies, approaches and speakers, instead of traditional 1 hour sessions.

Please remember that space is limited and seats do go fast, so get your early bird special on this conference.  See you in June!



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Ortus Developer Week 2015 is coming!

Luis Majano
Nov 02, 2015


Thanks to the huge success of our first three years of ColdBox Developer Week, we are back again for a fourth year, with a new name, Ortus Developer Week (ODW). ODW will be a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, technologies, craftsmanship and usage of many of our open source and commercial products.  Visit our virtual conference page to get the latest information on sessions, speakers and details.

Register 4 FREE!

Come and join us for over 20 hours worth of FREE and live training. If you can't make it to all sessions, then don't worry, we will record all sessions for you and make them available through our Vimeo pages and we will also be creating our online training course out of these materials. So get your thinking caps on and get ready for a tremendous BOX geek-out week!  We will also have several prices from Ortus and Computer Know How.  We will raffle off 4 $50 gift cards, Sublime licenses and much more.  So make sure to register so you can be eligible to win.

We have a great range of sessions lined up this year that cover topics even outside of CFML like Travis CI, Ionic, and AngularJS.  We also have some great speakers presenting like Gert Franz, Mark Mandel, and a bonus session by Ray Camden.

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