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Maria Jose Herrera December 29, 2022

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Maria Jose Herrera

December 29, 2022

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Highlights of a Successful Year, Thanks to You!

2022 was quite the year. For us, it was all about delivering exceptional content and service to our amazing community of developers. That's why we updated our tools, released new products, and announce upcoming projects and initiatives we are working on for 2023.

We know 2023 will be awesome but 2022 was amazing too. Read on and don't miss anything, review the top content we released in 2022 and improve your projects in 2023. Happy New Year!


Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022


1. Built with ColdFusion and Ortus

Today we are announcing the availability of a new initiative to store and share sites, applications and companies that leverage ColdFusion (CMFL) and any of our Ortus Technology. This is a simple repository which ANYBODY can contribute to: will be able to get your organization registered and which sites/apps use cfml and different Ortus technologies. We will also be automatically building a site out of this data packet where anybody can visualize and promote their organizations and sites that leverage CFML.


2. CFConfig 1.4.0 Release

We've released a new version of CFConfig-- your friendly neighborhood CLI for configuring Adobe and Lucee servers.  CFConfig sees a lot of little releases that we don't announce, but they are usually very small little releases adding a single setting here or there.  Today's release has a nice collection of brand new features that seemed worth talking about.


3. ForgeBox v7.0 Released

FORGEBOX 7 is a major update which has a bunch of performance updates, and more activity logs to keep track of all the actions you perform via CommandBox and the ForgeBox UI. We have made a big change to our search engine and introduced Elastic Search as the default search engine which provides better and more accurate results when searching on the site or using our search endpoint.


4. ColdBox Mail Services 2.0 - Fluent Mail For All

We are so excited to bring you a major release of our cbmailservices module. This module has been around since our initial versions of ColdBox and it has now matured into a modern and fluent library for sending mail. Sending email doesn't have to be complicated or archaic. The ColdBox Mail Services (cbmailservices) module will allow you to send email in a fluent and abstracted way in multiple protocols for many environments. 


5. CommandBox 5.4.2

There is a new update for CommandBox CLI available.  Version 5.4.2 is a patch update that contains a few bug fixes including two important ones. There is a fix for a regression introduced in 5.4.0 where updating the version of a CF engine doesn't work without forgetting the server first. There is also an important security improvement to CommandBox servers.  Thanks to Abram Adams for reporting this to Ortus so we could address it.  


6. How to make Windows Folders Case Sensitive

In the last blog post in this series, we discussed Case Sensitivity on Windows, what is it, why does it matter, and how it could mess up your developer day in ways you never thought of. In this blog post, we're going to show you how to enable case sensitivity in windows, for a given folder, all folders underneath it, and explain how that case sensitivity is inherited, and when it isn't.


7. Tips, Tricks and Tools to write DRYer more Reusable Code in ColdFusion

This blog post will talk about some of the different tools ColdFusion / CFML gives you to achieve that. ColdFusion gives you a lot of great features and ways to leverage Code Reuse and there are lots of great tools to help you effectively, efficiently, and easily reuse your code.


8. Software Craftmanship - Why should I use 3rd Party Libraries vs Roll my own?

This article will help convince you that libraries are not EVIL like so many haters believe. Choosing the right libraries make you more productive and efficient, not lazy. This article identifies solid use-cases for using a 3rd party library in your application. It gives you a checklist of questions to help you identify the red flags of unsafe, unreliable, poorly supported, or ill-suited libraries.


9. Case Insensitive Issues on Windows

If you are using Windows these days, Windows 10 and 11 give you many of the tools you want and need in the Web Developer Toolbox. After working on Macs and deploying to Linux for a long time, I made the switch back to Windows a while ago, and the list of things that I genuinely miss on Windows is pretty slim, with one major issue, Case Sensitivity or lack of, on Windows.


10. No more Page Refreshing with CBWIRE and Turbo Drive

Turbo Drive can significantly enhance the user experience of your server-side apps by removing unnecessary page refreshes, and it doesn't take much to implement. Once Turbo Drive is installed, link clinks and form submissions will happen in the background via AJAX. You can use Turbo Drive with or without CBWIRE. If you are using CBWIRE, you can now use a plugin to make CBWIRE and Turbo Drive play together nicely.


Top 5 Favorite CFCast Video Series of 2022


1. Ortus Webinars 2022

Learn each month from the developers of Ortus Solutions. Ortus Webinars are one of the ultimate favorites of our subscribers, a lot of them are for free, go check them out, this year we released 10 videos for you to enjoy and share with other developers!


2. Into the Box 2022

Into The Box 2022 is a 2-day, 2-track event plus 10 sessions in an Online Pre-Conference plus 5 awesome workshops with speakers from around the world presenting on topics surrounding the Ortus Solutions product stack, modern ColdFusion (CFML), Java, web technologies, development processes, and software craftsmanship.


3. 2022 VS Code Hint Tip and Trick of the Week

As seen on the CFML News Podcast - Your Hosts will show off a VS Code Hint Tip and Trick of the week. This year we released 47 videos for you to review and apply to your business in 2023.


4. 2022 ForgeBox Modules of the Week

As seen on the CFML News Podcast - Your Hosts highlight a new ForgeBox Module of the Week. Enjoy our 47 videos released in 2022!


5. Ortus Software Craftmanship Book Club - Clean Code


Its a place for CFML Community members can get together, discuss and debate the thoughts, ideas, best practices outlined by a series of books focusing on increasing Software Developers efficiency, productivity and pride. It will be relaxed but educational environment, where we can learn from each other, and grow as a community.

This series book: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert Martin (Uncle Bob).


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