CommandBox 5.4.2 Released!

Brad Wood October 07, 2021

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Brad Wood

October 07, 2021

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There is a new update for CommandBox CLI available.  Version 5.4.2 is a patch update that contains a few bug fixes including two important ones. 

  • There is a fix for a regression introduced in 5.4.0 where updating the version of a CF engine doesn't work without forgetting the server first. 
  • There is also an important security improvement to CommandBox servers.  Thanks to Abram Adams for reporting this to Ortus so we could address it.  

Ortus recommends all users update their installations to this new version.

You can update CommandBox via the download links on our product page, via HomeBrew on your Mac, or our apt/yum repos.  The Ortus CommandBox Docker images have also been updated to include the latest CommandBox.

Release notes

Note, the details of the security improvement have been tracked privately.


COMMANDBOX-1382 Java path shows up twice in "server info --verbose"

COMMANDBOX-1381 Updating server in-place keeps old web.xml path

COMMANDBOX-1375 recipe with multiple "install" instructions fails


COMMANDBOX-1380 Add additional interceptData to server interceptors

COMMANDBOX-1379 Update to WireBox 6.5.2

COMMANDBOX-1376 Immediately activate modules after installation

COMMANDBOX-1349 Improve multiselect DSL


COMMANDBOX-1120 Add JSON and Properties output for info command

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