No more page refreshing with CBWIRE and Turbo Drive

Grant Copley September 12, 2022

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Grant Copley

September 12, 2022

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Turbo Drive can significantly enhance the user experience of your server-side apps by removing unnecessary page refreshes, and it doesn't take much to implement. Once Turbo Drive is installed, link clinks and form submissions will happen in the background via AJAX. You can use Turbo Drive with or without CBWIRE. If you are using CBWIRE, you can now use a plugin to make CBWIRE and Turbo Drive play together nicely.

CBWIRE and Turbo Drive

One of our core goals with the v2 release of CBWIRE was to get it working with Turbo Drive. Initially, we ran into a bunch of JS errors.

Turbo Drive, formerly Turbolinks, is a JavaScript library that watches for link clicks and form submissions, performs them in the background via AJAX, and updates the page without a full reload. Turbo Drive allows you to build apps that look and feel like single-page applications without completely overhauling your code. Even better, it only takes a couple of lines of code to implement.



You can install Turbo by running the following npm command at the root of your project.

npm i @hotwired/turbo

Then you can require or import Turbo.

import * as Turbo from "@hotwired/turbo"


There is also a Skypack available which you can add to the <head></head> of your layout.

CBWIRE / Livewire Plugin

For Turbo to work correctly with Livewire ( and therefore CBWIRE ), you will need to include the Turbo plugin below your wireScripts() call in your layout.

Note: You MUST have either the data-turbolinks-eval="false" or data-turbo-eval="false" attributes added to the script tag (having both won't hurt).


Once Turbo is installed, you should find that clicking links and submitting forms within your app does not require any page refreshes.

Turbo listens for various UI events and fetches the updated content from the server via background XHR requests.

For additional information on how Turbo can be used and configured, please see

Also, you can find the CBWIRE documentation at

Build something extraordinary.✌️

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