New Patreon Perk: Ortus Software Craftsmanship Book Club

Maria Jose Herrera November 09, 2022

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Maria Jose Herrera

November 09, 2022

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What is the Software Craftsmanship Book Club?

Its a place for CFML Community members can get together, discuss and debate the thoughts, ideas, best practices outlined by a series of books focusing on increasing Software Developers efficiency, productivity and pride. It will be relaxed but educational environment, where we can learn from each other, and grow as a community.


Ortus Software Craftsmanship Book Club


Goal of the Book Club?

The book club is a new initiative that Ortus is trying, with the goal to create a cohesive and consistent community commitment to Software Craftsmanship, by learning through books and community discussions, to inspire and encourage software developers in the community to strive for best practices, professionalism, productivity, and pride in our craft, and our language.


  • Possible positive side effect? This could allow us to reach and cultivate new developers into the CFML eco-system. The bigger the community, the bigger the language, more contributors to open source, the better we all do.


  • When does it happen? 2nd Friday of the month, starting with the first one this Friday, November 11th at 2pm CDT. We will meet monthly on Zoom, and we’ll use the Ortus Community Forum for Patreon to discuss the book. 


  • What book will we start with? 
  1. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert Martin (Uncle Bob). 
  2. We will also be rewriting the code from Java to CFML as we proceed through the book.


The final result will be HERE


  • What if I haven’t read the book? You can still listen, and participate, but you might get more out of it if you read the book as well. We’ll try and group chapters, so you should be able to keep up.


  • Where can I get the book? You can get a copy of the book at one of the below links, or your favorite bookstore on any of the following, click on the link to access directly: Amazon or Audible


  • What does Patreons Only Mean? Patreons is a term used for supporters of an org or product or person, in this case Ortus. To start out, we are starting this book club for Patreons only, to control numbers, and make sure its productive


  • How do I become an Ortus Patreon? View the Ortus Patreon page, pick your plan, and start enjoying your perks. Learn more


We're excited about this opportunity to collaborate with Community Members, our Patreons, see you on Friday!

View the Ortus Community post for more information: Ortus Community post

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Nov 10, 2022 12:39:45 UTC

by Dan Fredericks

Might want to remind people that are going to be part of this club, to check into the Podcast from Adam, Ben, Carol and Tim a few months back when they reviewed this book for at least one or more weeks....might help people learn a bit more about the book before you all start....I love this idea for a book club!

Nov 12, 2022 16:22:56 UTC

by Ben Nadel

I would love to be part of a new book club! This sounds exciting. Will make sure I schedule time on my calendar.

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