FORGEBOX v7.0 Released

Javier Quintero August 22, 2022

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Javier Quintero

August 22, 2022

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We are so happy to announce a major release for our package management system. FORGEBOX 7 is a major update which has a bunch of performance updates, and more activity logs to keep track of all the actions you perform via CommandBox and the ForgeBox UI. We have made a big change to our search engine and introduced Elastic Search as the default search engine which provides better and more accurate results when searching on the site or using our search endpoint.

Elastic Search & DB Search Architecture

Since searching is a fundamental aspect when talking about package management, we have made some changes to our architecture and have introduced Elastic Search as the default provider. Now more results and related packages will show up on the results page for your keywords. Elastic Search will be the default search engine from now on, however, we have kept the DB search implementation in there for our enterprise users that don't want to use their own Elastic Server instance.

New Public Package Stats

In our efforts to provide more stats and information about the packages on the system we have introduced the new Public Stats page where you are going to be able to see the packages with the most downloads, the ones with the best rating and the new and updated packages for the current month. This is just the beginning of what we have in mind but it's an initiative to start sharing some data with all of you.

More Activity Logs

Having control and  being able to monitor all your activities on your account and the organizations you belong to is important that's why we have better log on all the actions performed via CommandBox and the ForgeBox UI. Each plan offers a different amount of time to log the activities for you according to your needs.

Check out our plans ( now and choose the one that best fits your needs.

UI/UX Enhancements for the organization context

We have improved the workflow when adding teams, members, and packages within an organization to improve the user experience and have everything available on the right place.

New Organization Homepage

We are introducing a new homepage for your organization that way you can share with others what you have done in your org (public packages only of course). If you don't have an organization yet, feel free to create it now

Here is the Ortus Solutions Organization Public profile where we are going to be transferring all of our packages in the upcoming days

New Documentation GitBook

Now we have a dedicated space for the FORGEBOX documentation. We have consolidated the information and we added the missing pieces on it including all the editions and plans that we have available. Here is the new GitBook URL with the updated content

Release Notes

Here are the full release notes for this release:

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