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Special Connection Friday: CouchDB and ColdBox

Luis Majano |  September 16, 2011

 Tomorrow Friday September 16th, our very own Jim Spoonmore will be presenting on CouchDB and ColdBox in our ColdBox Connection: at a special engagment at 10AM PST.  So if you are interested in NoSQL databases and how you can leverage ...

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Connection Recording: MockBox + Mocking

Luis Majano |  September 07, 2011

In this episode, Luis Majano and Curt Gratz team up to present on mocking, stubbing and testing with MockBox.

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RIACON ColdFusion Powered Mobile Applications Presso

Luis Majano |  August 07, 2011
Here is the presentation in PDF format and also the source code of the demo we did today at RIACON for ColdFusion powered Mobile Applications.

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RIACON ColdBox Platform Presso and Code

Luis Majano |  August 07, 2011
Here is the presentation in PDF format and also the source code of the demo we did today at RIACON here in Washington, DC.  What a great conference and privilege to be part of this first conference.  I really recommend it and hope to be back next year with more great content!  As you will see from the presentation, we also announced our new Blogging modular platform, BlogBox that will be available soon!

ColdBox Connection: Introduction to ColdBox

Luis Majano |  July 20, 2011

This week's ColdBox Connection will be our first hosted by a ColdBox Community Member! The ColdBox Team is stepping back give Ben Laube an opportunity to help remind us of the basics as he presents "Introduction to ColdBox".

If you have been thinking about getting started with ColdBox and wanted to know the easiest way to get started this presentation is for you. Ben will start without any CFML engine installed and take us from Installation to Application in about twenty minutes. Th...

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WireBox Dependency Injection and AOP Recording

Luis Majano |  July 13, 2011
I Just recently gave a presentation to the online CFMeetup on WireBox, Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming.  This presentation covered both basics and advanced topics, so please check it out:

CFMeetup : WireBox Dependency Injection & AOP from Luis Majano on

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ColdBox Connection: The Developer ToolBox

Curt Gratz |  July 07, 2011

Todays ColdBox Connection topic was "The Developer ToolBox".  We discussed the various tools Luis and the team have made available to you the developer to make your life easier.  

You can access the recording at

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ColdBox at the CFMeetup June 30th

Luis Majano |  June 28, 2011
Just a little reminder that we will be presenting on WireBox: Dependency Injection and AOP this June 30th at the Online CFMeetup with Charlie Arehart.

When: June 30th, 6pm Eastern (3pm PST)
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CFObjective 2011 Presentations and Code

Luis Majano |  May 16, 2011
Here are the links to all the presentations we did at CFObjective 2011 and some sample code of everything we showed off in this year's conference.  You can see our upcoming ColdBox 3.1 in action with all of its entity and html generation goodness, our new ColdBox Platform Utilities that was released and of course WireBox Dependen...
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ColdBox at the Los Angelese User Group Tonight

Luis Majano |  May 04, 2011
Just a quick reminder that we will go to the Los Angeles User Group tonight and present on ColdBox Platform 3.0.  So if you want to stop by and get some ColdBox goodies, learn about ColdBox, meet some cool developers and just plain' ol geek hangout! Then see you there:
5959 W. Century Blvd.
Suite 1111
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5475...
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