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Ortus Developer Week 2017- Our Schedule is Live Now!

Luis Majano
Oct 20, 2017


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	<h1>Ortus Developer Week<br />November 06-10, 2017</h1>
	<h3>5 days, 15 Live Sessions</h3>

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ODW version 6.0

Ortus Developer Week is taking place for the 6th year in a row! A FREE Training week dedicated to all of you developers that are eager to learn more and update your skills. Register and join 300+ developers taking part of this great event. We have some great speakers and content coming your way, so check out our ODW page for more information, video links, slides, and source code!

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Thanks for making ColdBox Developers Week 2014 a success!

Brad Wood
Oct 01, 2014


As we're recovering from our third annual ColdBox Developers Week, we'd like to give a shout out of thanks to everyone who participated.  From our sponsors, to the speakers and the attendees; everyone helped play a part in making these 21 training sessions fun and informative.  We hope everyone had as much fun learning as we did putting this on.


Thanks to our sponsors, Ortus Solutions and Computer Know How, we had tons of prizes to give away. Here's a recap of the winners.  Congratulations!

Furthermore, we offered additional prizes to the first two people to submit new packages to ForgeBox-- CFML's newest and most comprehensive code repository.  The following two people stepped up:


The most common question I've gotten is, "Was this session recorded?"  The answer is, YES!  Every session including our special guest session by Gert Franz of Railo was recorded and is posted along with the slide decks over on the CBDW 2014 recording page.


Hopefully you came away from CBDW excited to try out some of the tooling you learned about.  We're here to help you with that.  Here's some links for you to get started:


Ortus Solutions spends a lot of time putting on free training for the CFML community.  If your company benefited from this free event, please consider donating back so we can do even more free stuff for the CF community.

Secure Donation via PayPal

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CBDW Bonus Session with Gert Franz on the Future of Railo

Brad Wood
Sep 25, 2014


ColdBox Developers Week has been progressing along nicely with one great session after another.  We're excited to announce that we've finalized a special BONUS session presented by guest speaker Gert Franz!  Gert will be sharing about the exciting future of Railo including what we have to look forward to in Railo 5.  Railo is an open source CFML engine and if you're using it you'll want to come see what's in store.  But even if you're not a Railo user, you'll still want to see what great innovations are happening over in Switzerland that are driving the CFML community forward and keeping us relevant.

This extra session will begin 1 hour before the first slot Friday morning (the 26th) which is 8am Pacific time.  The bonus session will be held in the same Adobe Connect room which is located here:

We will record the session and post it to our recording page.  Please show up and join in the fun!

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Announcing ColdBox Developer Week 2014

Brad Wood
Sep 10, 2014



We are pleased to announce that ColdBox Developers Week (CBDW) is back for the third year now.  CBDW is a full week of completely free webinars (4-a-day) put on by Team ColdBox and other smart ColdFusion bods from around the world.  We've got some great topics this year that will discuss NoSQL, ColdBox 4.0, ContentBox CMS, and our newest project: CommandBox.  Sign up and come to as many sessions as you like.  We'll also be recording every session as well for you to watch afterwards if you can't make it during the scheduled time.

So, here's the details.  CBDW will  be happening THIS month, September 22nd-26th.  There will be four sessions each day that week starting at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm Central time.  Want to know what that is in your time zone?  Head over to our site where we have every time zone in the world including yours (based on your IP address).

But wait there's more!  As if the training itself isn't enough, we're going to sweeten the deal with some free giveaways.  During the last session of each day, we're going to randomly select a winner from the full list of registrants to get one of these (one prize per day):

  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Sublime Text license ($70 value)
  • DataBoss Standalone license ($149 value)
  • DataBoss Standalone license ($149 value)


A big thanks to our sponsors Ortus Solutions and Computer Know How for donating these prizes.


Register Today   View Schedule

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ColdBox Developer Week Recordings and WINNERS!

Brad Wood
Jun 22, 2013


Today was the final day of our second annual week of free ColdBox/ContentBox training.  We are very pleased with the success of the event and want to thank each of our wonderful speakers as well as all you attendees who showed up and had a great time with us while learning about our platform.  This year we had almost 250 people registered from 15 countries around the world including Germany, Brazil, India, Ukraine, and Pakistan.

This year was sponsored by Ortus Solutions, Adobe, and Computer Know How and included brand new content from skinning ContentBox websites, to Nginx web server, and the brand-new ColdBox Koans.  Every session was recorded and is available along with the slide decks and sample code on our Official Recording Page.  Please watch any sessions you missed or just want to see again and pass the recordings on to anyone who you think will benefit from free training.  If you have any feedback on how to make ColdBox Developer Week better next year, please contact me at and share your thoughts.

Lastly, ColdBox and ContentBox are profession open source, so if you ever need custom development or support beyond what our free training provides, please contact Ortus Solutions and we will be happy to work with you in any way that you need.

Now finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for-- here are our winners from this week

Weekly Prizes

Daily Prizes

  • DataBoss Standard (Dynamic ORM Administrator) Licenses
    • Ken Peterson
    • John Barnes
    • George Neisler
    • Patrick Flynn
    • Misha Mishyn

Session Prizes

  • CacheBox eBook:
    • Rus Russell
    • Matthew Tracey
    • Jae Chung
    • Edward Dolber-Smith
    • Stephen Schletty
    • Christopher Keeler
    • Donald Young
    • John Farrar
    • Micah Knox
    • Nolan Dubeau
    • Diego Benitez
    • Francisco Carmona
    • Andrew Scott
    • Miguel Ulloa
    • Don Bellenger
    • Jade Cady
    • Benjamin Knox
    • Henry Ho
    • Michael Sewell
    • Brian Miner
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ColdBox Developer Week 2013 Prizes

Luis Majano
Jun 12, 2013


We are happy to announce several prizes from our lovely sponsors Ortus Solutions, Computer Know How and Adobe to the attendees of our ColdBox Developer Week 2013.  We will have some daily prizes and also some weekly prizes, so you better attend the sessions :)

You can find all the information you need about our CBDW.2 in our information page.

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Announcing ColdBox Developers Week 2013

Brad Wood
Jun 01, 2013


What: CBDW 2013

When: June 17th - 21st (from 11am to 6pm Central)

Where: The Interwebs

Cost: FREE!

Team ColdBoxOrtus Solutions and Computer Know How are pleased to announce our second annual ColdBox Developers Week.  CBDW 2013 is an online training event that delivers over 20 hours of ColdBox-related training for FREE.  There will be 4 sessions a day for 5 days (June 17th-21st) covering topics like ContentBox Theming, REST Webservices, ORM Goodies, and all-new ColdBox Koans.  We've brought back speakers from last year as well as mixed in some new talent like Ray Camden, Adrian Moreno, and Gavin Pickin.

Our full list of sessions and speakers are available here:

All you need to do to take advantage of this free training is go register online to reserve your seat.  We'll even have some cool door prizes to give away for attendees.

Please share this training with anyone you think would enjoy it.

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Last Chance Call For Speakers: ColdBox Developers Week 2013

Brad Wood
May 02, 2013


This is your last chance to sign up to speak at this year's ColdBox Developers Week.  We want community involvement, so if you're not on Team ColdBox or Team ContentBox you'll get a $25 Amazon gift card for helping out if you're chosen to present.   I need to get all the topic submissions in and finalized by May 20th!
If you are available between June 17-21st this year and want to give a 30-45 minute online presentation as part of CBDW 2013, we'd love to hear from you!  CBDW is a week of free online webinars presented by Team ColdBox and the community that apply to building awesome applications with any of the "Box" family of frameworks.
If you have an idea you'd like to submit, please fill out the form here:
If you have any questions, please ask and we'll be glad to answer them!
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Call For Speakers: ColdBox Developers Week 2013

Brad Wood
Apr 09, 2013


We're looking for a some more sessions to help round out our line up for this year's ColdBox Developers Week.  If you are available between June 17-21st this year and want to give a 30-45 minute online presentation as part of CBDW 2013, we'd love to hear from you!  CBDW is a week of free online webinars presented by Team ContentBox and the community that apply to building awesome applications with any of the "Box" family of frameworks.

If you have an idea you'd like to submit, please fill out the form here:

If you have any questions, please comment below and we'll be glad to answer them!

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CBDW 2012: Thanks For Making it a Success

Brad Wood
Aug 01, 2012


Our first ColdBox Developer Week is over and we're very pleased with the turn out.  We had 195 people register from the US, Canada, Brazil, all over Europe, Russia, India, and Australia!  We are looking foward to doing this again next year and welcome any feedback on how we can improve.

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