ColdBox Developers Week has been progressing along nicely with one great session after another.  We're excited to announce that we've finalized a special BONUS session presented by guest speaker Gert Franz!  Gert will be sharing about the exciting future of Railo including what we have to look forward to in Railo 5.  Railo is an open source CFML engine and if you're using it you'll want to come see what's in store.  But even if you're not a Railo user, you'll still want to see what great innovations are happening over in Switzerland that are driving the CFML community forward and keeping us relevant.

This extra session will begin 1 hour before the first slot Friday morning (the 26th) which is 8am Pacific time.  The bonus session will be held in the same Adobe Connect room which is located here:

We will record the session and post it to our recording page.  Please show up and join in the fun!