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PartyBox Hackathon at CFObjective 2013

Luis Majano |  May 13, 2013

We are excited to announce our first ever *BOX Party Hackathon at this year's CFObjective 2013 sponsored by Ortus Solutions and Computer Know How.  We will be holding a get together for all *BOX aficionados (WireBox, MockBox, LogBox, ColdBox, ColdBox LITE, DevBox, ContentBox, DataBoss, etc) filled with drinks, prizes and cool hacking events.  We have some awesom...

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ColdBox BootCamp at CF.Objective 2013

Luis Majano |  January 11, 2013

We are so excited to bring you our very first ColdBox BootCamp of the year.  We will be holding an amazing ColdBox BootCamp before this year's CF.Objective 2013 conference from May 13th to the 15th.  The schedule of courses we will be offering are the following:

  • May 13-14: A combination of CBOX 100 and 101 led by ColdBox creator Luis Majano
  • May 15: CBOX 204 Testing, Mocking, Stubbing, Oh My! led by ColdBox Team member Curt Gratz

The location of the training location is just 5 minutes away from the Conference Venue.

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ColdBox Training At CFCamp 2012

Luis Majano |  September 05, 2012

We are so glad to announce our CFCamp 2012 boot camp training in Munich, Germany.  We will be attending this amazing conference from October 15-16, 2012 in beautiful Munich, Germany.  Then on October 17 and 18 we will be holding several ColdBox and ContentBox trainings, called HOTs (Hands on Trainings).  Each HOT will be about 4 hours long.

October 17 -
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ColdBox RESTFul Services At RIACON 2012

Luis Majano |  August 29, 2012

Here is the recording of our ColdBox RESTFul services presentation we gave at this years RIACON (2012).


ColdBox RESTFul services from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Excited About the Month of August

Luis Majano |  July 09, 2012

The month of August has us excited and here are 3 reasons why it should have you excited too!

Reason #1:  RIACON 2012

Rich Internet Applications Conference - Washington DC

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RIACON ColdBox Boot Camp (Washington DC)

Luis Majano |  June 19, 2012

This is our first ColdBox Boot Camp in the DC area thanks to RIACON 2012.  Boy are we excited: boot camp is taking place right after RIACON 2012 on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

We will be doing CBOX 100 that concentrate...

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CFObjective 2012 Pre-Conference Trainings

Luis Majano |  March 06, 2012

We are very happy to announce 3 training courses before this year's in Minneapolis in May:   We will be offering the following courses side by side on May 14th - 15th and then 1 course on May 16th.  We also have special discounts for students, non-profits and CFObjective attendees.  So if you qualify on any of those categories, e-mail us at to receive your discount codes.

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Dallas CF Summit Training Sale

Luis Majano |  February 07, 2012

There are only 15 days to our ColdBox Trainings in Dallas, Texas before the Open CF Summit and we are holding a sale extravaganza as we need to fill out our seats.  So here are $350 dollars off the regular price! So just for $645 attend our 2 days courses!  But hurry as the sale ends soon!


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Pre-OpenCFSummit trainings are now open

Luis Majano |  January 06, 2012

We are very happy to announce 3 training courses before this year's OpenCFSummit in Garland, Texas next month:  We will be holding the courses at the Hyatt Place Dalas Garland which is the same hotel as the conference and a few minutes away from the Special Event Center. 

We will be offering the following courses side by side on February 21st and 22nd and then 1 course on February 23rd.  We also have special discounts for students, non-profits and OpenCFSummit attendees.  So if you qualify on any of those categories, email us at to receive your discount codes.

We also have a $99 negotiated rate with the Hyatt Place, so call in to +1 972 414 3500  in order to receive the discounted rate.

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CFCamp 2011 Presentations

Luis Majano |  November 01, 2011

We are posting our slide deck and also our mobile demo code from our CFCamp 2011 presentations.  This was truly a great conference and had an absolute blast presenting.  Thanks CFCamp and see you next year!

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